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While we’re hanging on to these last precious summer weekends, the truth is it’s almost serious time again. And while Back to school and back to the office feels like it’s pre-fall time, the bugs are at their all time potent peak of end summer. Why do I keep talking about bugs? because they are everywhere!

Though I just added insect repellent to my everyday essentials bag, I still managed to get a spider bite a few days ago and found myself freaking out at the idea of what I’ve been hearing on the news and what the bugs are carrying.


It seems that later in the summer, the insects, et al. have gathered enough germs with them to make your life miserable. Venomous Spider bites can make you very ill including damage to your kidneys. But even garden variety spiders can make you sick because they can carry bacteria and viruses, possibly including the Lyme disease bacteria.

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When I thought about where I got the recent bite, I was thinking… on the bench having a coffee in the neighborhood? really? sitting on my stoop in the city? I’m not taking any risks, especially after I heard that bugs carry even more germs later in the summer.  And technically, mosquitoes are still potent until freezing temperatures! which means, winter – not fall.  Who knew? With the warm weather still ahead of us, staying safe is on my agenda, especially with the zika situation buzzing around.  I’ve been using TickTockNaturals organic insect repellent for a couple of years now, and frankly, didn’t even finish the bottle last summer.   Let’s see if this one lasts through till winter. (promo code below).

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Though it almost seems ridiculous to carry a bottle of insect repellent in your bag, I’m at that point- I don’t need the extra stress.  It’s now going in my purse. With the hot weather extending into September, I’m not chancing it. It smells lemon-y fresh, and the oil feels good on the body.  So you can refresh + moisturize every few hours no matter what the activity ahead- in the city too.  BACK to SCHOOL bugs written by Brigitte Segura.

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