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Augustin Teboul Fall 2014 Berlin

Berlin’s become a favorite fashion week. It’s underground. It’s edgy. It’s worth all the hype and buzz because there’s some really fantastic designers that are starting to emerge. Just like its other big city counterparts, Berlin’s become a city with its own fashion innovators. We, especially, enjoy what they have in store. Augustin Teboul’s Fall 2014 collection is one that has us really, really excited. In these gorgeous backstage shots by Dunja Antic, we feel like we’re there, surround by all that bustling high-energy.

Watch as designer duo Annelie Augustin and Odely Teboul really begin to take flight with this roaring set.

 AUGUSTIN TEBOUL Fall 2014 by Dunja Antic fashiondailymag sel 5

It’s best to first talk about the top and work our way down. Some models are wearing sparkling jeweled face masks, showing intriguing avant-garde allure right off the bat. The vibe feels modern gothic, as colors are kept to black and beige. Dresses are short and long, creating a sort of mysterious intrigue. There’s some definite glam punk influences with sharp cuts and jutting collars. Things are also very steampunk inspired too…especially with the fantastic headgear and face pieces we mentioned a bit earlier. It’s kind of like a line for a future post-apocalyptic world. Looking at these clothes, it’s hard not be to transcended into a different time.

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Funky, fresh and undeniably futuristic, this is easily a brand to keep your eyes on from seasons to come. There’s a whole lot of talent in these two ladies, and they’ve found their niche in Berlin. We absolutely love it. fdmLOVES AUGUSTIN TEBOUL Fall 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa.


Photos: Dunja Antic.




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