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Annie Leibovitz: The Visionary honored in GLAMOUR in women of the year

Chapeau’ to the girls! Annie Leibovitz  has been dubbed a Glamour Woman of the Year. Known for her epic yet artsy images, it’s no wonder that the 63-year old visionary has received the honor.   Remember the very pregnant Demi Moore pic back in the day? Not to mention Yoko Ono and John Lennon, a handful of Presidents, Queen Elizabeth II, and practically every celeb and Oscar winner you can name.  The feature will run in Glamour Holiday December issue, featuring Selena Gomez on the cover-who incidentally is honored too.

ANNIE LEIBOVITZ glamour woman of the year

Actress Cameron Diaz shares:

“There are certain things that are considered milestones in Hollywood. And one of them is being photographed by Annie Leibovitz.”

More ladies with the GLAMOURous title:  the likes of Lena Dunham, Jenna Lyons, Ethel & Rory Kennedy, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Zaha Hadid, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Erin Merryn and members of the 2012 U.S. Olympic team—Missy Franklin, Gabby Douglas, Kayla Harrison, Allyson Felix and Carli Lloyd – all featured in the upcoming issue. In honor of the Women of the Year issue, all commissioned photos were shot by female photographers—this is a first for a women’s fashion magazine. more about all female photography issue.

About Annie Leibovitz:

With images that are epic and intimate at the same time, Leibovitz has taken our culture’s love of celebrity and turned it into high art. Whether she’s shooting a world leader’s official headshot or a lush cover for Vogue or Vanity Fair, the result is always instantly recognizable as “an Annie.” Leibovitz, 63, started out at Rolling Stone in 1970 amid a boys’ club of male editors, writers, and rock  stars. “There were some advantages to being a woman photographer,” she admits. “I think women have more empathy with the subject.” Along the way she toured with the Rolling Stones, traveled to war zones in Rwanda and Sarajevo, and became famous for persuading stars to go to incredible lengths for the sake of the picture: a shirtless Arnold Schwarzenegger astride a white horse; Whoopi Goldberg in a bathtub full of milk; Cameron Diaz being shot out of a cannon. “Pilgrimage,” Leibovitz’s new collection of still-life photographs, is touring the country now to rave reviews. more from Glamour feature with Annie.

Annie Leibovitz photo courtesy of Leibovitz Studio

December cover featuring Selena Gomez,  courtesy of Glamour