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An EYE on Elizabeth Olsen style

Everyone can agree that family members share similar genes, but in this family, genetics are not the only thing that is visually apparent. Elizabeth Olsen, sister to worldwide fashion phenomenons, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, seemingly shares the same love for fashion as her iconic older sisters.

As designers of The Row, Mary Kate and Ashley have proven themselves to be just as hard working and talented in the fashion industry as some of the world’s leading designers. Elizabeth Olsen noticeably has style embedded into her genetics, leaving her own trail on the streets as she dresses to impress, no matter what the occasion. Since her acting debut, she has claimed her throne in the fashion world with the same elegance and eccentricity as her older sisters. Her style is a bit less flamboyant, resembling more of a leading-lady look (Audrey Hepburn meets Kate Middleton)… effortless and modest.

"Very Good Girls" Portraits - 2013 Sundance Film Festival

She was recently been spotted out and about on numerous wearing her trusty black Stuart Weitzman 5050 Boots, which match her simply sophisticated attire- even if it’s casual. Olsen also manages to wow in her Dior and Miu-Miu ensembles, leaving not a single trail of absurdity in her footprints. Elizabeth Olsen has an ability to bring back the classic looks once made popular by royalty and dashingly elegant women back in the 50s. As she candy-apple coats her lips in a bloody red, and lines her emerald eyes in a simplistic cat eye, Olsen is a Jewel indeed. This Golden Girl is 24K material, as she was chosen by Karl Lagerfeld, himself for his Little Black Jacket Book/ Exposition. As the Father of Fashion, Karl Lagerfeld commands the respect in the Fashion World. Elizabeth’s classy and admirable personality had taken her far enough to be glorified in Lagerfeld’s Light, and nothing beams classic chic like a little Chanel. He also photographed Olsen for the exhibition of the Little Black Jacket where she sported her crown (the jacket) as one of the current reigning fashion queens… definitely a woman we need to take notes from. Written by Julia Paulescu.

Elizabeth Olsen “very good girls” portraits Sundance 2013 photo Larry Busacca | Getty Images

all photos courtesy of Stuart Weitzman