ACNE STUDIOS resort 2014

A fantastical color party can describe the Acne Studios Resort 2014 collection. Designer Johnny Johansson was fully inspired and fascinated by the hues of the ‘ruined’ garden in the backyard of his new home. The inspired results are a burst of   colors and slouchy silhouettes that are a dash of androgyny and spice. Placed in front of a backdrop of blue,  the model is like an assortment of (solid) floral tones among a bright blue sky, looking great in her duds.

ACNE STUDIOS resort 2014 fashiondailymag sel 14


A favorite is an IKAT patterned coat, like trees in a mystical forest gone blue. The striped square clutch is a funky touch that works with the outfit’s overall vibe. A slightly 1970s vibe with a slouch, and platforms just add to the cool. The white pieces feel angelic, and a special shout-out has to be given to the shiny gold-foil linen suit…talk about blinding us with fabulous shimmer! That look is beyond.

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The midnight hues in royal blue, navy and eggplant are simply dreamy. When it comes to footwear here, the higher the lift, the better. So many props for eclectic shapes and a long-stretching color palette that rocks on so many levels. Modern love. fdmLOVES ACNE STUDIOS resort 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa.


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