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a STYLISH mens MrPorter lifestyle

We just can’t get enough cool from MR PORTER Style:  the Internationally recognized mens on-line retailer hands out style advice in The Journal, a weekly online magazine,  to go with their cutting-edge fashion for the guys.  Offering a lifestyle experience with the extra that guys around the globe can respond to, the quick capsules are cool and fashionably new without being annoyingly deep.

MrPorter Paperback Image 1 | FashionDailyMag

Issue 95 caught our eye with some share worthy recommends. First off – we loved the compilation of taking style with you wherever you go, ergo the MrPorter Paperback: The Manual for a Stylish Life Volume One. Mr. Jeremy Langmead, MrPorter’s Editor-in-Chief, makes an audience with the handsomely modern men. A bit of profiling, examining style icons, and advice on everything from getting the look to having proper etiquette. Naturally the paperback ($35) is available on the site as well as other retailers for an easy pick up.

Tony Dekker | MrPorter | FashionDailyMag

Secondly, much to our musical appreciation’s delight, we enjoyed seeing the crossover of sound and style in the issue’s  The Look section featuring Mr. Tony Dekker, musician and  founder + chief songwriter of the Canadian band, Great Lake Swimmers [what a cute name too]. Dekker donned a Waistcoat and Blazer by NN.07, a Gucci Scarf, a Paul Smith Shirt, and Boots by Alexander McQueen for the photo spread. In the exclusive interview, he discussed New Wild Everywhere his latest album. Written by Sarah A. Freiseis.

Giving men world-wide access to the latest in fashionable news and shopping made easy, making fans of MrPorter [like us] look forward to an interesting new release with every passing week.  Ok, we admit– we’re enjoying the cultured eye candy along the way, and invite the girls to take a looksy-  you know, maybe for their guys…  Written by Sarah Freiseis.