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Now that the summer has come to an end, it’s time to think about the skins amage from season’s added exposure from vacation days, not to mention the body curves we’ve been noticing under the sun. The ‘um, no – I don’t know a plastic surgeon’ is now a YES – I know someone thanks to our PLASTIC x DERMO recent discovery. With all the talk we’ve been hearing about non-invasive procedures to keep our bodies and faces in (better) check, plastic surgery is embraced on the path to a brighter new day. And on that note, how about Plastics and Dermatology under one roof? We found one in NYC.

I (Brigitte) recently visited Dr. Allen Rosen at the Plastic Surgery Group, who has been practicing for 24 years and just opened a NYC office recently to get the scoop on plastics + derm in one spot. Traditionally, we (myself included) tend to associate plastics with expensive “surgery” and celebs getting a face lift or LIPO, and the derm for BO or acne and skin discoloration. How about the twist of talking with a surgeon personally that can target and “design” your needs without having to go under the knife?

As most of us fashion girls, the major topics of interest for me were the obvious: the wrinkles (and aging) on the face, and the bulge on the bum or belly roll. I got to sit down with Dr. Rosen in his spanking new modern uptown office with a stunning view of the city and talked about some non-invasive solutions. Yes, I actually chatted with the surgeon, and talked about these fancy gadgets that can enable improving the physique extensively. Though some of the language was over my head (I mean, I’m just a fashion girl), what I was thrilled with was the expertise in communicating directly with a body “sculptor”. It’s definitely different than speaking with a derm, because the options start from the top down (…. AND creative, enhance… ) . If there is a way to achieve your goal with a new gadget instead of surgery, the expert sculptor himself is going to give you the option which can be achieved mostly in his office. Additionally the DOC himself tests out all the gadgets on himself, so he actually knows if it hurts, how it works, and how to get the results.

view from Dr. Rosen Plastic surgery group NYC FashionDailyMag

The Plastic Surgery Group office also uses non-invasive devices including radiofrequency devices (Venus Freeze and Vanquish) as well as ultrasound devices (Ulthera).  Here are a couple of names to get familiar with:

The Vanquish is recommended for fat loss around the belly and back (soon they will offer it for the legs as well.) These are offered in packages of 4, 45 minute sessions. As the “latest and greatest device to hit the market,” this process is completely pain-free and nothing even needs to touch the skin for it to work!

Venus Freeze is another radiofrequency device that DOES touch the skin, and can be used on the face and body. This device varies in time and number of treatments depending on where and the patient’s own skin “laxity.” And Ulthera is an ultrasound device used for skin tightening of the face, neck, and décolletage.

Another bonus is if you’re sensitive to pain like I am, numbing cream and “laughing gas” is also an option to keep you pain free. With the addition of a Dermatology PA, the group is able to offer additional services, including skin screenings and lesion removals with “plastics closures,” which may be preferable. As a side note, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons are trained very differently, with Plastics generally much “more aware of the scar left behind than the Dermatologists.” Most devices are used for fat reduction and skin tightening in various areas of the body, and all work slightly differently. Additionally, the office offers spider vein treatment, photofacials (great for post-summer spots), and the usual injectibles, including Botox and fillers.

Which device or devices to use depends on the client’s needs  and is determined during the full office consultation (45 minutes).  The customized treatments for patients in the hands of both Plastics and Derm  is very hands-on at Dr. Rosen + PSG. “The way we close the wound is very different, allowing for a better final result.”

There you have it.. What may have always been our,  “um, no – I don’t know a plastic surgeon is now, yes – I have a plastic surgeon! PLASTIC x DERMO a new love for the PLASTIC SURGEON commentary by Brigitte Segura, written by Sarah Freiseis.

Dr. Allen Rosen and the PSG is located at
30 Central Park South | Suite 10A, NYC (212) 321-0406

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