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3D DESIGN your own diamond or pearl ring

Here’s a 3D fine jewelry concept for the designer in you! American Pearl + American Diamond have now added some fun to your jewelry shopping! We’re not talking costume jewelry here, but imagine tinkering with diamonds, sapphires, and tahitian black pearls to customize and design your jewelry combining Web UI with 3D Printing… with a preview right there on line while you design away.

From the editor: At first, I thought, what’s the big deal? But after changing out a few pieces and designing my 3D ring with diamonds and precious stones, I couldn’t stop creating new possibilities. From rings to necklaces, to changing out fine stones (um, you can create a ring that has a value of $300k thanks to the diamond) – the idea is more than fabulous and so much fun to gift.

American Pearl and American Diamond has made it accessible for you to design and create your piece of fine jewelry within your budget. Change out the stones, the 14k gold to 18k gold, or white gold, and shop a number comfortably in your price range with your aesthetic. Because you are working directly with the source, the price of the precious stones is greatly reduced, sometimes by over 50% – 75% too. The best part is the technologically advanced site actually mocks up what your ring will look like while you do the switcharoo from rubies to amethysts – or maybe a more expensive cut of a diamond.

Not all pearls are created equal- obviously… how about creating a AmericanPearl customized ring or necklace that’s perfect for mom, without having to worry about the quality or the source – or leaving your home? All the info is listed about the quality of what you are looking at.  Whether its having Tahitian pearl necklace or an engagement ring with the right color, here is a fun way to design your dream ring, and being able to see it.  3D Printed fine jewelry is a game changing process for the fine jewelry industry because it created pieces that are stronger, more precise and that cost one quarter to one half the cost. Here’s a view of what we’re thrilled about.

“For years I’ve had a vision of finally delivering the power of true choice to jewelry customers. But the technology just wasn’t ready,” explained American Pearl CEO, Eddie Bakhash. “Now, advances in 3D printing as well as computing po3D design american pearl tahitian necklace FashionDailyMagwer have made this vision a reality. The response thus far has been incredibly gratifying.”

the 411 | about 3D Printing:

American Pearl has spent five years perfecting a proprietary 3D printing manufacturing process to generate gold or silver in real time; all driven by software controlled by consumers. After selecting a piece of jewelry on AmericanPearl or AmericanDiamond – such as a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings – customers have the capability to fully customize that piece by changing out metal type, gem, size, engraving and then viewing the results from any angle.

Once the customer (you) previews their creation and checks out, American Pearl uses a proprietary 3D printing manufacturing process to generate the gold or silver elements. Then, gems such as diamonds, pearls, sapphires or emeralds are added according to the precise specifications that the customer selects. The entire process generally takes about 3-4 days, as compared to an average of two weeks that it takes to make jewelry using the traditional means of welding pre-existing pieces together.

A few more Bonuses from American Pearl | American Diamond:

Choice: Thousands of designs that are customizable–  for billions of choices in total.

Quality: 3D printing allows for more precise design then would ever be possible with traditional techniques. Complex pieces with multiple parts will fit perfectly, and the metal and stone will interlock in perfect harmony regardless of the size of the gem.

Cost: American Pearl can make fine jewelry available to consumers at identical quality to luxury retailers with a much lower cost.

Speed: Customers can get the piece they want, exactly how they want it, in just a few days- not weeks!

Made in America. Before this now technology was available, jewelry manufacturers had no choice but to rely on overseas labor to manufacture pieces. Now, thanks to the interactive UI on + 3D printing, the entire process is USA!

learn more | try out 3D design in pearls | try out the 3D design on diamonds .  3D DESIGN your own diamond or pearl ring written by Brigitte Segura.

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