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10 summer body faves

BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: Now that summer is suddenly in full bloom, it’s time to fully flaunt the body.   While we’re baring the legs and arms and going beaching, let’s get the smooth on the skin.  Here are a few FashionDailyMag favorites to soften, smooth, moisturize and glow!  From prepping and exfoliating, to toning and glowing with a tan, here are 10 of my favorite things for a summer body.

PREP + exfoliate:

Shaved too close? Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Wipes are made especially by European Wax Center to help banish bumps and ingrown hairs quicklym while helping “slow” the regrowth of hair between waxes (or shaves).  Single-use, easy to carry ingrown hair wipes can be used to prevent or treat existing breakouts. ($26).

Reveal Me Body Exfoliating Gel.  This amazing gel exfoliates without any harsh texture or scrubbing.  Goes on smooth, then rubs off.  The ingredients include fruit extracts, and not only does it smooth the dry skin, but also prevents ingrown hairs by helping keep hair follicles clear after shaving and waxing. ($39).

Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt is made with a unique fabric texture and can be used once every 2 weeks!  The mitt removes surface layers of buildup and dead skin instantly, catching and sloughing off dead cells “rolling it off your skin.” Revealing  healthy and smooth skin underneath.  Improves circulation, stimulates collagen and fights aging, and gets skin ready for even tanning and self-tanning products. ($20).



Graceful Strut  body lotion: fast absorbing everyday moisture with a flirty scent for summer: notes of freesia, white rose, muguet and white musk.  ($16).

your dry skin will say aaaah, and the perky scent will get you going! CALYPSO GLOW lime crisp body oil is the best $20 you can spend on a quick moisture fix.   After running out of it for a few weeks, my skin soaked up the oil within seconds when I got it again! Though Lime is well known in the tropics for its many therapeutic uses, the anti-oxidants from the natural acidity of the limes removes dead skin-cells and calms dry and itchy skin.  And the combo with coconut oil makes it WONDERFUL while feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and smelling irresistible.

Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream – This heal-all formula is great for dry skin, dry spots, and redness -especially after sunburn to soothe the skin all over.  Using a skin-healing Remedea Compound™ and boosted by medical grade actives, Chuda™ Healing Hydrating Cream deeply hydrates and rapidly heals dry, damaged and compromised skin. Can also be used on face. ($150).

SUMMER BEAUTY BODY fashiondailymag


Tone with all in 1 HydroPeptide Firming Moisturizer. This anti-aging body cream helps correct the appearance of imperfections all over the body.  Scars, discoloration, stretch marks and wrinkles are less noticeable and skin appears smoother, firmer and less dimpled while hydrating.  Wonderful grapefruit- like scent, with no  Gluten, PEGs, or Sulfates. ($96).

The Vita Cura Triple Action Body Contour Cream is great for thighs and legs, while moisturizing.  Containing Phyto Actives, the formula helps improve the appearance of body contours, tone and texture. Contains seaweeds with Chinese Herbs, and Caffeine helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Skin appears more resilient and firmer.  Essential oils of Grapefruit, Basil and Mint give a sense of well-being and smooth, sexy skin.


TAN with no scent! Versa Spa Bronzing Mist transforms skin with instant bronze tone with the power of an extended tan! can be used on face and body for all skin tones.  With the Odor- Ban 200 technology there is no funky sunless tanning odor, Formulated with the Eco-Cert DHA and Erythrulose. $45 prep with Versa Spa Cleansing Body Wash & Exfoliator ($28).

Versa Spa Luminous Legs Shimmering Oil transforms legs with a glamorous finish!  Love your legs with this ultra-light, bronzer- free, quick- dry shimmering oil that delivers an extended tan. ($40).  Tan will develop 4-8 hours after application, Odor- Ban 200 technology virtually eliminates sunless tanning odor, for all skin tones, Formulated with Eco- Cert DHA and Erythrulose.

10 summer body faves selects and commentary by Brigitte Segura.

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