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10 SPRING beauty treats

Spring time splurge: the beauty treats! These double feel-good items not only feed your spring shopping appetite but they also make you look better. Double the happy in our books.

Satisfy your spring beauty appetite from a sweet scented body cream to get your arms ready to be seen, to a nourishing face cream that heals confused transitional weather skin.  Here are 10 + favorite spring beauty finds, most ranging from 20-$200. Go gift your self –you deserve it.

For once, we’re just talking about great single beauty items:


Springtime is precious! how about getting more time outdoors to enjoy the weather? Get the eyeliner on without waiting forever, and double coat the mascara without a smear. The FANITY mirror comes with a fan! LED Illuminated Vanity Mirror with 5x close up and Elegant Tower Fan All-in-One. ($199).

10 SPRING beauty treats FashionDailyMag fanity

Real spring weather is around the corner: Get your face ready while the temperature keeps changing: CHUDA™ Healing Hydrating Cream is a fast-acting, concentrated formula that hydrates + heals, and revives. Great to use for post-winter skin, and during weather changes. Helps skin look smooth, soft, supple, hydrated and radiant. Contains Remedea Compound. ($150).

10 SPRING beauty treats FashionDailyMag

The magic pads! Yes to more perfect skin in the brighter light, please! Created by Rob Harmon, makeup artist and hair stylist. The pads are designed to clear blemishes, ‘tighten’ skin, shrink pores, exfoliate, tone, clarify and hydrate in one swift swoop of a swipe. ($20).

10 SPRING beauty treats FashionDailyMag magic pads

want to cover a SCAR? DERMAFLAGE special effects: A scar concealer helps fill + conceal “recessed scars” on your face. The formula is waterproof + stays on 8 hours, and doesn’t require makeup after. The starter kit comes with two tones in your color family for a perfect “special effects” color match, to help fill + conceal the scars. If that scar is bugging you enough, it’s worth trying it. ($60).

10 SPRING beauty treats FashionDailyMag dermaflage 2

Health + Glow from within:

Drink to healthier glow: NEOCELL beauty infusion has 6k mg of collagen, with biotin in a drinkable tangerine twist powder formula. The essential nutrients in this formula work together to strengthen hair, skin and nails, hydrate the skin, and provide antioxidant power against environmental damage. Get that vibrant glow from the inside out.  Also contains Alpha Lipoic Acid + Vitamin C.  (about $25-28).  at whole foods.

10 beauty finds spring fashiondailymag neocell

More than just a fish oil: No joking around here, the ultimate fish blend has ‘the complete profile of’ omegas needed, plus bioactive proteins and interactive electrolytes for advanced absorption.  This means awesome hair, skin, nails with pretty fast results.   My nails got stronger with no breakage within a few days – brigitte 

10 spring beauty finds FashionDailyMag bio science fish blend


Cake lovers unite, this smells like (good) frosting! Coconut buttercream frosting sinfully rich body butter by Jaqua. Shea butter + coconut buttercream combo gets your skin back to soft, and definitely sweet scented :). Comes in a liftable box. ($32).10 SPRING beauty treats FashionDailyMag jacqua


2-step to flaunt soft, smooth hands. HandMD restorative duo is an age-defying dual treatment that helps revitalize, moisturize, and nourish dry skin. The anti-aging serum rejuvenates with Retinol and powerful Peptides, and the moisturizer hydrates and protects. A woman’s hands reveal her age as easily as her face. (special offer for $39).

10 SPRING beauty treats FashionDailyMag hand md


How about protein + Caviar for your hair! The Encapsulate Serum has little pearl capsules filled with conditioning oil placed in a clear rich protein serum. Fused, the combo helps repair hair, and smooth the surface to pre-damaged state. The package itself looks like a bubble treat

.10 SPRING beauty treats FashionDailyMag nexxus

You deserve a little shine! SHU UEMURA Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil is a multi-use elixir instantly enhances your hair moiture. Velvety oil with high shine and UV protection, and safe for color-treated hair, with a light fresh scent. At Marie Lou & D, 345 West Broadway, SoHo | nyc.

10 SPRING beauty treats FashionDailyMag shu uemura

The bonus prize: (#10+)

Flaunt the hair, and tame the frizz.  Do your own straightening easier by softening the mane.  Try a brush straightener for silky smooth hair.  60 second heat up  and anti-scald design with a 15” head. by HeadKandPro.

10 beauty finds spring fashiondailymag headkandpro



photo credit:  Brigitte Segura Sean Sime | Nexxus.

brigitte at nexxus x vogue 10 SPRING beauty treats FashionDailyMag


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