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Calibre de Cartier Icelandic adventure

Posted by in ACCESSORIES, an ARTISTIC impression, FDM BOYS club

Adventure masters in style:  Launching the Calibre de Cartier Carbon Diver watch, Cartier collaborated with NYT’s T Brand Studio...

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FashionDailyMag gift guides 2013

Posted by in GIFTS, jewelry, the [BEAUTY] bits

Here we are in the last minute zone of holiday shopping 2013.    Here’s a recap of our favorite suggestions for gifting men and...

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CARTIER Winter Tale Film Series Holiday 2013

Posted by in an ARTISTIC impression, GIFTS, jewelry

Take a trip through enchanting Paris in the 1920s with Cartier’s fourth installment of the Winter Tale film series. Feel the exciting...

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FASHION x ART : “by RE:QUEST” curated by Diego Cortez

Posted by in an ARTISTIC impression, COLLABs, EDITOR FAves, fashion

An artsy collab: RE:QUEST Model Management, known for their edgy models and Clic Gallery present “by RE:QUEST,” a group show curated...

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behold the LEATHER and JEWELS

Posted by in ACCESSORIES, EDITOR FAves, GIFTS, jewelry

we couldn’t resist these fancies:  A wish list of accessories to browse amidst all the busy cutesy things we’re gifting.  ...

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CARTIER Trinity Color collection RINGS on the HOLIDAY magic

Posted by in ACCESSORIES, EDITOR FAves, FALL | WINTER, jewelry

Ahh, the fabulous inventiveness of the CARTIER trinity ring goes color for some HOLIDAY 012 magic. A [new] fusion of precious metals and...

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l’odyssée de CARTIER short film premiere

Posted by in ACCESSORIES, an [EDITORIAL] view…, an ARTISTIC impression, EDITOR FAves, jewelry, NEWS

fdmLOVES: l’odyssée de CARTIER… A rainy NYC night ‘took my soul’ to the GRAND metropolitan museum of modern...

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GIFTs for the GIRLIEs to SPARKLE over

Posted by in ACCESSORIES, an [EDITORIAL] view…, EDITOR FAves, fashion, jewelry

fdmLOVES: selection of 20 gifts for the GIRLY by brigitte segura.  FashionDailyMag HOLIDAY 2011 vol 1 featuring KARA ROSS multi color...

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CARTIER jewels to LOVE

Posted by in ACCESSORIES, an [EDITORIAL] view…, EDITOR FAves, GIFTS, jewelry

fdmLOVES: SORTILEGE de CARTIER jeweled creations shown during the new High Jewellery Collection launch at Villa Aurelia in Rome, Italy....

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