medicine MAMA heals to smooth

get a MAMA smooth over with healing power.    made with good ingredients like bee polin and extra virgin olive oil, the BEE MAGIC all in one healing skin creme is the go-to for dry elbows, heels, all all over for a hydrating boost.  

MEDICINE MAMA bee magic healing skin cream fdm BEAUTY

we love that it melts a bit as it warms up in your hand, making it easier to apply and absorb into the skin without making a huge mess.  take along MAMA:   the BEE MAGIC wand lip balm heals your lips, and can be used on dry spots on the body too.  

in what looks like an oversized lip balm container, it’s the perfect keep in your bag must have – without getting your fingernails into a jar 


more info:, also available at Whole Foods

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