Mara Hoffman fall 2013 NYFW

Printed Paradise ensues at Mara Hoffman fall 2013, and let’s face it- if it didn’t, things just wouldn’t be the same. The girls walking the show represented a variety of colors and creeds much like the outfits themselves picking up on worldly influences at every turn. Simple slicked hair and clean make-up paired with gold toed boots hit the spot in complimenting the fabric action.

Mara Hoffman fashion show Fall 2013 FashionDailyMag sel 1 ph Nannette Leigh

Dresses of course are swoon worthy, flowing and gorgeous without any effort, streamlined adds a little sophistication, and cropped ones are cuties. The two piece pant/ blouse numbers are fun with different patterns playing against each other – love the pink peacock bottoms with the geo mandarin collar up top.

Sweaters are the cozy kind of bulk, in black and white with drops of color the ethnic appeal becomes traveler chic. Some hints of animal were thrown in with just the right amount of panache, and some black bases rounded out the collection of feminine flow. With each season the collections tend to leave us inspired and yearning for a global a-go-go adventure. Mara Hoffman fall 2013 NYFW written by Sarah A. Freiseis. Here’s a peek at a sweet look we loved, with more pics to come.

Photo credit: Nannette Leigh