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healthy smile so bright

It’s finally spring warm weather and it’s time to take out those pretty, floral dresses that have been sitting in the closet all winter long and pull off  that pastel lip color. It also means it’s time for more pictures, but no selfies will be cute without a big, bright smile. Here are some easy to use options we tried that will allow you have a fresher, brighter smile with less sensitivity.

for sensitive teeth:

Unlike most toothpaste for sensitive teeth, Colgate® Enamel Health SENSITIVITY RELIEF TOOTHPASTE has amazing taste and light texture that bubbles up easily. Easy and smooth, it feels just like you’re using regular toothpaste and not one for special needs. Other than sensitive relief, it also helps build increasing protection against sensitivity.

For a fresh boost after brushing your teeth, try using Colgate Total® MOUTHWASH FOR GUM HEALTH. This mouthwash kills 99% of germs and gives advanced protection for stronger gums. It is good for oral health all around.  Healthier gums, less sensitive teeth. Plus, you won’t get that burning and stingy sensation because it has no alcohol.

There are two more options in the Enamel Health™ line: Whitening and Multi-protection.  The Whitening toothpaste gently whitens while it helps replenishing natural calcium. If you’re a smoker or coffee drinker, this one may not be efficient enough to erase the stains. However, it is less abrasive than regular whitening products, which people who suffer from teeth sensitivity often experience aches or soreness. The Multi-protection toothpaste has the functions that the last two combined. It helps boost protection against sensitivity, restore natural calcium, and whitens gently.

Brighter smile :  For those that don’t suffer from sensitive teeth, Colgate’s Optic White line allows your smile to “dazzle without the hassle.” The Express White toothpaste- we wouldn’t say it is “express” but it’s more like a “local” subway ride. It does the job and gets you to the destination, just not as fast as more “heavy” whiteners. Other than subtle whitening effects, it protects enamel and provides anti-cavity fluoride protection. Also, it’s safe for daily use – which means you can whiten daily and regularly instead of stopping when it’s too sensitive.

The mouthwash that is suggested to use along with the toothpaste, Optic white Whiteseal Mouthwash, contains 2% hydrogen peroxide and whitens as it freshens. Although it is not a miracle product that will make your teeth pearly white overnight, it still has the promised effect. What is good about it is that it’s less of an hassle. It feels like something you can live with instead of feeling the pressure as an additional step in your routine.

Whether you have sensitive teeth or wants to whiten teeth without the sensitive aches, these products are easy to access and can be found at those everyday spots in the neighborhood, like local drugstores. So grab it off the shelf next time and smile wide with confidence – without the pain.   healthy smile so bright written by Betty Lo.

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