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BIKINI BODY smoother

BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: Whether you’ve plunged fully into summer baring or just got warmed up for the August heat, the bikini area is one of those topics of interest.   Not only is the body tone a detail on the mind, but the smooth skin issue is at hand.   Dry skin, stubborn hair, shaving, razor stubble, waxing and ingrown hairs- sound like a familiar body hair worry?

Breathe,  we found an effective (and almost instant) solution from EWC  that works effectively, travels well for the weekend, and takes cares of the body hair issue flawlessly with no pain.

Yes, EWC, the famous European Wax Center known for the obvious hair removal have created a range of practical body and facial hair products.   Helping in between wax treatments, irritation, and overall, making sure you are as smooth as possible while baring.    The Strut365 jewels?  the (pads) that help ingrown hairs, and (exfoliating gel).

“Smooth Me” ingrown hair wipes helps ingrown hairs go away- no joke.  Infused with alpha and beta hydroxy acids, this product will extract any impurities lodged underneath the skin and stop future ingrown hairs from emerging.  The bonus? It additionally slows down your hair regrowth rate, leaving you freshly waxed (or shaved)  even longer.

SUMMER BIKINI BODY ewc FashionDailyMag

Release supple skin, remove dead skin WITHOUT rigorous scrubbing.  “Reveal Me” body exfoliating gel speeds up cell renewal while preventing dirt and harmful particles from getting into those follicles.   You put on the lightweight and alcohol free gel, let it dry, and kind of just ‘massage’ it off.   No scrubbing, it reveals smoother skin instantly – shower not needed! contains Amazonian berry extracts and antioxidants.

For in between and everyday care in the shower, use the graceful strut body polish all over.  A creamy, luxurious exfoliator that polishes away dull, dry skin for a radiant glow. This high-performance exfoliator helps prevent unsightly bumps and ingrown hairs too. Follow with the graceful strut body lotion:  Nourish your skin every day with this ultra-hydrating, fast-absorbing body lotion.  Also helps regrowth of hair between waxes.

the BEST bag ever: Lipault Plume 12″  toiletry BAG .   Holds everything in one place, ready to go, ready to access, and big enough for regular size products. Lined with amazing craftsmanship, designed for travel can withstand the weight of full size special care + body products.

SUMMER BIKINI BODY ewc FashionDailyMag 2

Strut365 by EWC.  While you’re at it, check out the “Ready. Set. Brow!” and “Oh My Brow!” to help beautify brows and stay in place all day long.

BIKINI BODY smoother by Brigitte Segura.

photos: Nyaa Ferary

Lipault Plume toiletry kit. ($29).

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