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beauty resolutions: SHINE on the HAIR

Hair that glistens in the New Year needs a little help to go fabulous.   Here are a few of our favorites finds to help kick the fly-away, frizzy strands to a shiny new start.  Time to show the mane who is boss.

Don’t we all dream of a cream that can help rock the hair from day to night ? While hair is still damp, put on some Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream- as your locks dry,  the cream will hold shape.  Fly aways don’t stand a chance, as the glossing cream will shield your style, making weakening strands not even a worry with the infusion of olive oil.  No need to mix a formula in your hand with this one.

You’ll be forgiven for your fearless 2012 hairstyles: used too much color ? curling more than necessary ? yea, you’re not alone.   For a quick shine, check out this multifunctional leave-in mist that works as a style primer or treatment.  You won’t be weighed down with the light-as-a-feather Kendri Dry Oil Mist and “blocks” against those harmful hair habits.  Your trustworthy hair color will lively longer as you ring in the new year. Call it a little sprinkle of shine.

If you are not keen of shampooing daily, leave them mesmerized with a fragrant scent while you control the hair.   Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Hair Serum smells amazing, while it works as a shine-booster.  Hints of jasmine in the formula increases hair durability while sweet almond oil gives an extra glistening touch. The texture in this little bottle works well in taming thick hair too.

Mixed Chicks Hair Silk-Don’t let the title fool you, this product packs a punch. Not only does the oil soothe dryness, but also mends splits and those pesky fly-aways. For a finishing touch, the hair silk provides a “polished texture” whether you desire voluptuous volume or sleek strands. Oh-and it works on black hair, mixed hair, and just about any hair with alot of texture.

Redken Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist is one of our favorite go-tos, spraying the shine on with the hold of  hair spray. The vitamin B5 and camelina oil keeps hair healthy, and salon-fresh has never been so easy to spray on and walk out. Keeping definition without deflating your hair,  the lightweight hair spray secures your style with an added shine. The last step before walking out.  Written by Mary Anderson.


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