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Kenzo Menswear Spring 2014

Kenzo Menswear Spring 2014

Referencing beach boys, from skaters to surfers, creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Kim bring a rawness to the relaxed looks for Kenzo menswear Spring 2014. Patterns resembling flowing currents and waves are soothing, and placing them on sharp coats makes for a striking impression. Luxury isn’t left on the shore as the collection’s prints are hand painted, while a tsunami of blues and whites symbolizes how this lad is always by the seaside.

 Kenzo menswear spring 2014

Going graphic in this collection means mixing seafarer with streetwise styling. The designers achieve their laidback looks with slouchy shorts and boxy coats. If the skaterboy must don a suit, then he will do it his way ! Resulting in an off white suit with a bold black stripe wrapping across the jacket for a fresh take on the classic. Loose fit trousers paired with blazers continues that lax approach well into the night looks. While back at the boardwalk, tops with duct tape like accents will make you king of the beach.  

Letting the Kenzo logo remain undercover, the designers instead allow their muse’s understated cool to rise to the surface. Etching graffiti from top to bottom and even on handbags and footwear, interject uniqueness and freedom with phrases like “there is hope” alongside the brand’s scribbled name. Adding moments of bright neon hues heightened the collection, creating a more springtime spectrum. Beachside ready, fdmLOVES Kenzo Spring 2014 Menswear selects by Brigitte Segura, Written by Mary Anderson.

Photos: Alessandro Lucioni and Armando Grillo | fashionwirepress 


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