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John Varvatos Spring 2014

John Varvatos Spring 2014

David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and Bryan Ferry: What do they all have in common ? Other than reaching superstardom faster than lightspeed, they encompass the John Varvatos Man for Spring 2014. Fast forward to the future, taking the Sgt. Pepper jackets away from their primary hues and into lux chic and leathers– check out Andres Risso sporting the look perfectly. Guys, you may want to hold on tight to these pieces, since you may attract a fan or two. Mixing all these rockers into one megastar results in a new and improved John Varvatos guy taking the stage.

andres risso john varvatos menswear

 This season’s looks are award show ready with sharp suiting in reds, whites, and blacks. Varvatos lets the inner rockability shine through, by having patterned scarves and fringes peeking out from the buttoned blazers. Collars with glitter underneath adds that unexpected edge that’s  often seen at the Grammy’s. The layered look isn’t fussy as the designer keeps it focused with darker hues throughout, making the overall silhouette carefree. Although, if you’re about to take the stage, the red suit with the matching tie will bring the crowd to their feet.

Offering a spectrum of accessories for men, Varvatos shows how to dress up or down that laidback look. A bow tie and matching vest provides that black tie appeal, while shades and an unbuttoned shirt gives a VIP look. Although for more everyday ease, the tan jacket will help you go undercover. Completing the looks with a series of pointy toe footwear, Varvatos morphs his rocker into a living legend. Classic tunes and tailoring, fdmLOVES John Varvatos Menswear Spring 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Mary Anderson.


Photos: Fashion Wire Press


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