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up close: G-Star RAW fall 2014

up close: G-Star RAW fall 2014

An ode to dark denim seems to be the order of the season as G-Star RAW introduces a unique collection for AW 2014.  Staying true to its philosophy, “Just the Product”, the line once again showcases its directional and cutting edge style.  Utilizing monochromes brilliantly, the line takes us back to The Matrix, and we imagine a revamped version exclusively using this line in their wardrobe. We got a close up view recently.

Layers are executed beautifully, as is befitting of the seasons the line is in. Most pieces are also still very much in line with the 90s redux trend, and we’re digging it. Military patterns also make their way in some of the pieces, and salutes are in order. The power of the trenchcoat is harnessed and showcased well, and we just might try it on ourselves. We did more than a double take on the gorgeous Verdem Patrol HDD Parka, and we never thought we’d be this thankful for menswear making their way in our closets recently.

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The women’s section proves to be as much a force to be reckoned with. Another outfit that held our fleeting attention for what seemed like eternity was the Crotch Jetler Coat paired with Lynn Zip Skinny jeans- not to mention the HOT coolish jumpsuits.  We’re ready for our Tim Burton-directed Carrie Bradshaw moment. G-Star RAW fall 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Paul Cenizal.

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details: Janez Jeretic (exclusive) FashionDailyMag

runway + product: G-Star RAW



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