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Festival Fusion to wear

Festival Fusion to wear

Music and entertainment industry meets fashion practically at every turn these days. Fresh off the free-wheeling concert going train, we’ve been inspired by the simply cool look of California music festival Coachella. Thousands of party people flocked with a few celebs and bloggers to make the most of their adventure by spying unique duds to feature.

Coverage of the event isn’t limited to outward appearances, but admittedly, while mega into performance based tunage, the spirited clothing slash costuming is what has really sets our hearts on fire. The brand Boys + Arrows has many offerings with said appeal in the swimwear department. Hippy meets hard rock in genres that embrace layering and boho chic with modernity.

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Top on the list, wearing bathing suit tops – often while dancing, think halter tops and triangles as the main attraction. The loved the Thug Bandeau Ruffle top, Party Animal Trip top, and Bank Robber Fringe top. Matching back for top to bottom, may we recommend a pairing with the Conwoman Bottom cut-off shorts. For additional street cred, try the denim vest stacked on top.

Boys + Arrows Swimwear has a casually tidy vibe – simple silhouettes in terms of cuts for streamlined, but a complex adaptation of a basic pieces add the specialty feel. Show-goers aren’t the only ones encouraged to express themselves outwardly, you have got to work the look to own it, but once you do – your world will be on fire! Festival Fusion written by Sarah A. Freiseis.

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