EXTEND the SUMMER, LUSH in seaside scents

Extend the summer a bit longer- feel like you never left the beach, thanks to LUSH fresh seaside scents.  A  handful of handmade beauty products for a quick beachside flashback.  Seanik volumizing and nourishing shampoo gives your  hair a newfound height to remind you of ‘highest’ waves.  Your hair will shine thanks to the nourishing sea salt and seaweed, while orange blossom absolute, jasmine, and mimosa provides a slight spice and lovely fragrance.

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Seanik solid shampoo fashiondailymag selects

Next, scrub off the stress and replace it with the season’s ease with the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub.  Its fine+coarse sea salts will give added toughness while its minerals with help your skin reach its smoothest potential. It also soothes with its seaweed absolute, cocoa butter, and avocado butter.  Rinse off your skin with the Dirty Springwash Shower Gel, whose spearmint and menthol will give you a sense of morning refreshness.  Carry the ocean cool- literally– with the Breath of Fresh Air Facial Toner, that has actual Pacific Ocean water !  All of Lush’s ingredients are vegetarian, contain safe synthetics, and also organic- gives you that guilt-free glow.  Stay summertime hot with a seaside reminder, while it’s just about to cool off.  Written by Mary Anderson.