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ERIN FETHERSTON pre-fall 2013

ERIN FETHERSTON pre-fall 2013

Journey to paradise at Erin Fetherston, even for Pre-Fall 2013. The Fetherston woman continues her etherial attitude, but this time with a little more kick. Holding summer moments by its heartstrings, Fetherston embodies the season’s freedom through her patterns and cuts.

The pumped-up prints provide an infusion of colors that will definitely leave you enchanted. Her island-inspired, tropical color choice reflects her days exploring South America and lounging around the lush scenery in the Los Roques islands of Venezuela.

Erin Fetherston PreFall 2013 fashiondailymag selects look 14

To keep it powerful, yet pretty, Fetherston incorporates shining fabrics, to make sure the woman still stands out amid the island’s bold hues. Case in point- a black evening-ready look with a gold jacquard bottom shining through the chiffon overlay makes her become effortlessly electrified. The sharp silhouettes and cutouts suggest that the Pre-fall woman is still a city-gal, but not afraid to brave the unknown terrain, with the swirls of blues, pinks, and yellows, she wears proudly.

You can take the girl out of paradise, but not out of the girl- shown through the splatter of ikat and folk art patterns on structured shorts and blazers. With the attention-grabbing prints on body-hugging silhouettes, the Fetherston woman became a walking illusion-leaving each passerby easily dazed. By completing the collection with a celestial white flowing maxi-dress, shows that the Pre-fall looks weren’t just for relaxing, but to rule.  Written by Mary Anderson.

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