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MYKITA x DAMIR DOMA spring 2013 eyewear

MYKITA x DAMIR DOMA spring 2013 eyewear

Fancy the progressive eyewear… a FUSION of cool is absolutely evident in the MYKITA x DAMIR DOMA eyewear collaboration. The DD01 model is combo of stainless steel and natural horn taking the traditionally ‘intellectual’ round frames to a futuristic DOMA sensibility we are loving. Three color combos of grey | white, anthracite and black are complimented with grey, brown, or black lenses… and to fancy a clearer LUX view, they also come in a correction frame- pretty amazing.

MYKITA x DAMIR DOMA eyewear FashionDailyMag 1

Designer Damir Doma shares: “This particular shape perfectly rounds up the DAMIR DOMA look. From the very beginning, our aim was to translate the traditional shape into something modern and create an iconic object. At the same time, DD01 is a historic reference to the round glasses worn by the intellectual avant-garde throughout time.”

info: As with most MYKITA frames, the eyewear components are cut out of stainless steel, coated in gold, platinum or graphite, and then transformed into a three- dimensional object by bending and folding. The horn rings [at the front and at the back] are encompassed by the frame and openly display the structure of the glasses. MYKITA’s fundamental design approach combines technical solutions with a sophisticated aesthetic. All lenses are made from lens manufacturer ZEISS.  the DD01will be available in all MYKITA shops, DAMIR DOMA flagship store and select opticians and fashion stores for pring 2013. Written by Brigitte Segura.

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