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IC! berlin hand-finished sunglasses to love

IC! berlin hand-finished sunglasses to love

If you’re looking Hot + high-tech sunnies, the U-Bahn Collection by ic! berlin is the collection for you. Extremely chic glasses and made with flexible steel, these sunnies are giving people around the world a dose of fashionable and unbreakable. In a wide range of colors and fashion forward shapes, there’s a style that matches your expressive personality.  Brad Pitt was just spotted at the “Malificent” premiere in Brigitte’s (our editor) favorite cool pair she’s been sporting in purple!

Ic Berlin 2014 FashionDailyMag sel 08

With the names of each piece coming some memorable spots in Berlin such as Wedding ( one of the hottest nightclub in Berlin) not to mention significantly historic events,  this collection lives up to the epic names.   As a matter of fact, ic! berlin has taken this collection to the next level in terms of the modern quality of each pieces design. All of these sunglasses have absolutely no screws, brazing, or welding which makes the U-Bahn Collection one of the most high-tech [and fashion forward] eyewear collections on the market.

As an added punch, these pieces are made in a wide variety of colors and patterns including a fierce leopard.

Another of our favorites is the boom box x IC! berlin collab.  The luxurious metallic detailing, the intricate lines and detailing referencing none other than the “boom box.”

Ic! berlin manufactures their  hand-finished eyewear and sunnies in Berlin: Design, production, and distribution. With a great philosophy that includes fun, creativity, and functionality, their following is enormously loyal- and now so are we…  Starting at $430. IC! berlin hand-finished sunglasses to love selects by Brigitte Segura, written by LeeMann A. Bassey.

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