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The magical allure of emeralds

EMERALD envy: Since the Babylonian markets as early as 4000 BC and Cleopatra’s time, the magical green gems have been sought after for adornment. Queen Cleo helped make them famous by gifting visiting dignitaries with her likeness carved into large emeralds. At the time of Emperors, from Charlemagne and Alexander The Great to Queen Elizabeth II, Queens and Conquerors have prized and collected these precious green pieces. Nowadays, the likes of celebs like Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis, Beyonce and Halle Berry are often seen adorned in emerald necklaces and earrings on the red carpet.

So what’s so special about these gorgeous emeralds? Back in the day, they were believed to have mythic powers such as healing eyesight, depression, and insomnia. Green, a color of nature and earth, has often been associated with balance, harmony, and even “stimulating the heart chakra”, and even associated with counteracting greed and jealousy.

MILA KUNIS at gemfields | DiamondEnvy

We think they are just stunning, and stand out more than the usual diamond.  We recently discovered a hub of emeralds at New York based diamond jeweler, Diamond Envy! Known for having the largest online inventory of naturally colored diamonds, they premiered their emerald collection in March featuring both Colombian and African emeralds and jewelry. In celebration of the green gems, Mila Kunis was spotted wearing Diamond Envy drop earrings at a recent Gemfield’s book launch event.

Diamond Envy is a New York based website offering rare loose natural colored diamonds and natural colored diamond jewelry to the retail market at wholesale prices. With incentives like free shipping, a 60-day money back return policy, lifetime warranty, upgrade program, and a Design Your Own Jewelry program, Diamond Envy gives alot of sparkled options. Natural pink, blue, yellow, champagne, green, orange, purple, chameleon, black, gray and the elusive red diamonds are available for sale through the site.  They additionally offer Argyle pink diamonds.
The jewelry collection consists of rings for all occasions, but especially engagements. For those looking to buy a colored gemstone with the sparkle of a diamond or the bold color of a green emerald, there is no better place to shop than Diamond Envy. Rings, pendants, diamond studs, earrings, and bracelets are all available.

All loose diamonds offered on Diamond Envy come with certificates from the Gemological Institute of America verifying that the origin of color is “natural.” Each diamond is represented on Diamond Envy with a photo and video. The videos give the client an opportunity to view the diamonds as they look in real life—how they sparkle and disperse light. The GIA certificates are also available online for review. Diamond Envy only offers diamonds and emeralds from legitimate sources that are conflict free and ethically sourced.  The magical allure of emeralds commentary + selects by Brigitte Segura.

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