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HAIR – get the RUNWAY look

GET the RUNWAY hair look:  the sleek pony.  We love sharing the latest with our fellow trendy fashionistas,  and we know it can get a little high-end for our budgets.   So, after seeing all the Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Burberry shows,  it’s nice to know that you can get the BEAUTY look at a reasonable price.

RALPH LAUREN SS12 runway FashionDailyMag

It’s no mystery that the hair on the MODELS is perfectly coiffed in place and rarely moves out of bounds, thanks to the Hair Masters backstage. Professional stylists from salons like Toni and Guy, Rush Hair and Paul Mitchell have styled the catwalk queens’ hair-dos before they hit the runway.  If you’re looking to get the ponytail look the models at rockin’ at the moment, here is a step by step guide to creating runway ready  hair-the slick PONY.  GO for it!

Step 1: Begin by applying some volume boost spray to your roots and massage into your scalp. Then divide your hair from temple to temple and clip the top section back.

Step 2: Add volume to your hair by blasting the roots with a hairdryer and brush through using a large paddle brush. Brush your hair in long smooth strokes from root to tip.

RALPH LAUREN ss12 runway NYFW FashionDailyMag

Step 3: Unclip the top section and apply another dose of volume boost spray to the roots. Then dry your hair and brush from root to tip using apaddle brush.

Step 4: Then tilt your head back and brush your hair into a low pony tail. Smooth down any stray hairs using a silky hair serum.

Step 5: Use a snag free elastic band to tie your ponytail in place. Then apply a coat of hairspray for a firm hold.

photos: Ralph Lauren ss12 runway NYFW, courtesy of RL


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