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beauty resolutions: hold the CURLS this time

HAIR resolutions:   LOVE your curls without the extra weight or frizz.     Dr. Miracles has created some products to help with those frustrating kinky hairs, without sacrificing bouncy, full-bodied soft locks- keeping the hair lively, not dry and damaged looking.  when used together, the CURL CARE regimen helps you embrace your waves and HOLD the curls for hours.  Hold the CURLS this time.. written by Heather C. Adessa | fdm BEAUTY in LUXchic.

Dr. Miracles knows that many ‘curly’ haired women have sections of their hair that are wavier, and some sections that are curlier, and some even more kinky. curl care makes the wavy hair more curly, and the curlier hair  more controlled… giving your whole ‘head’ a more even same consistency of hair, without making it straighter! CURLY HAIR portrait by lynn lane on FashionDailyMag

GET the LOOK:  it starts with the shampoo. Shampooing with the wrong type of shampoo can make any ‘do into a don’t. Dr. Miracles Rehydrating Shampoo hydrates your curls enough that it will help keep frizz down, while not making them full of product – which can make them feel and look heavy. The Nourishing Conditioner aids the shampoo with the hydration – making sure your locks look amazing, not dry, one curl at a time.

Once hair is towel dried, apply the Soft Hold Crème starting about 1.5-2 inches away from your root to keep your scalp from looking oily and full of product.  This will help maintain the curl while keeping them separate from each other.  be careful not to form one large curl, keep them separate, they will bounce on their own.

Once your curls are almost set, you have one last step – the Frizz Control Serum. Applying this helps with the shine and the hold for the day.   It’s like an insurance policy for your curls -once applied, the serum locks in the hydration and moisture that the other product added, so that your locks never dry out or separate (creating frizz).

*Note – Using products from the same brand, just like with skin care, means that you won’t have too much, or not enough, of any ingredients. They are made to work together to benefit you and give you the best results possible!

photo:  curly hair portrait by Lynn Lane

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