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beauty resolutions: 3 steps to toned legs for summer

Thinking about the beach weekend? We all want our bodies to look firm and flawless, especially as we start showing more skin! Instead of going in for any pricey procedures, try these awesome products from BioElixia that help tone your body without doing anything drastic. The products soak into skin quickly, keep you soft, and are perfect to use and show off for the summer time.  The brand offers a wide range of fix its, and our suggested 3 steps to help with the contours and  tone the legs in:  exfoliating body polish, cellulite contour cream, and firming body lotion.

The annoying topic of cellulite, which affects (at least) 70 percent of women, does have some remedies to help keep the view in “better” check. When used consistently, the cellulite contour cream helps to make dimples less obvious. After using the BioElixia 3 steps for at least 6-7 weeks*, we noticed a visible improvement after using it! What we additionally love about this product is that it gets your skin (baby bum) soft and takes literally a couple of seconds to soak in.  No funky scents, no need to wait.

BIOELIXIA body shaper TONE your legs FashionDailyMag

The exfoliating body polish’s unique blend of micro- crystals and its moisture- retaining ingredient Hyadisine work their magic while you scrub, leaving you with luminous silky- soft skin. It is a gentle treatment that you can apply to wet skin at least 2- 3 times a week for the best results. The daily firming body lotion  keeps your skin toned, and is great to put on those areas that need a little firming. This lotion contains Caffeine and Salicylic Acid which work together to visibly tighten your skin. While its main objective is to tone and tighten, this lotion also acts as a daily moisturizer keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.  An added bonus in the BioElixia line is that there are no  parabens, formaldehydes or sulphates, so they are a great solution to our skins imperfections.

BIOELIXIA body shaper TONE your legs 2 FashionDailyMag

Smooth skin is irresistible and makes you feel fabulous at all times.  Not all of us have the will to do daily super workouts,  but adding the body care regime daily in addition to the gym make the body (and legs) look that much better.  But, let’s be realistic about it here, these products don’t create a miracle by themselves, but they definitely help round out the curves in your benefit, if you remember to use them daily… and for those that ask the question, “Do I need to keep using it?” – um, yes… do you have to moisturize daily? beauty resolutions: 3 steps to toned legs for summer commentary by Brigitte Segura.

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