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GLO on! your best natural face for winter

Go fresh! don’t let this weather wear you down,  put your best flawless face on for winter.   Aside from having to amp up your skincare and moisturizers for the cold season, consider keeping your “natural” tone as perfect as possible.   You’ve probably noticed the makeup you’ve been using during wamer months and early fall is not going on as smoothly with this weather, right?  We’ve checked out a few BB creams and cover up makeup that not only even out your skin tone the chilly season, but keep it hydrated and protected with SPFs.

GLO on with flawless skin!  from light to heavy coverage, here are 5+ wonderful products to get your face fresh + glowing to start the new year!

Nyakio ABC African Beauty Cream: If you’re looking for light to medium coverage that will last all day, take interest in this moisturizing makeup cream. This lightweight ceam offers color correction (because nobody’s perfect!) and extra long lasting coverage in the areas that need it.  Containing exotic ingredients like Senegalese Baobab Oil, Peach Leaf Extract, and Ginkgo Leaf Extract to improves the look and feel of skin immediately after application. It’s available in various shades and blends right into the skin for a smooth and radiant natural look- even when the weather is chilly and skin is less moist. ($39)

The second you step outside there are pollutants in the air that would love to settle on your face (even in winter). Dr Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm [SPF 45] Premium is a one-step BB that smooths + packs on the sun protection. Designed to treat, hydrate, prime, camouflage, and protect and the skin from environmental factors, this BB has Bio-Peptide Complex infused + white gold to provide antiaging properties and promote natural collagen. Who doesn’t love supple skin? Ideally this goes on under makeup to create a flawless texture and minimize imperfections, with advanced brightening properties. Ideal under makeup, its natural looking coverage minimizes the appearance of imperfections and evens the skintone with nice, medium coverage- 1 shade. ($39)

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Dr Jart+ BB Radiance Beauty Balm [SPF 30].  Great to “brighten” and illuminate the skin while perfecting the appearance, this BB was designed to livening up dull skin.  An instant beautifier that highlights lackluster skin to give it an eye-catching glow. It’s infused with snow lotus and vitamin tree fruit that’ll make your face look and feel smooth and flawless.  It moisturizes and protects skin from harmful sun damage and conceals and treats uneven skintone. A one-step balm that perfects the appearance of skin while protecting it from the sun and environmental factors. Comes in 1 shade, transluscent medium to light coverage. ($42)

Add some overall radiance to the dreary days with this purifying fluid with Natura Bisse The Cure Sheer Oil-Free Fluid [SPF 20].  Between its balancing hydration and light silky texture, the formula easily blends into the skin for a velvety finish with (light to medium) translucent coverage ALL DAY. Additionally, it has ingredients to help restore damaged cells! It works on all skin types including combination and oily, with a light texture that melts into your skin, with “self-adapting” pigments that adjust to your skin tone, giving your face a luminous effect and controls oil and shine. ($180)

Zo SkinHealth oxlipse sunscreen primer spf 30 is our editor’s favorite natural cover-up.    Treat it like a natural veil, under make-up.  The light serum-like texture soaks in quickly and fixes uneven pigmentation making you look like you have perfect skin – without looking like any makeup is on…  A perfect way to show off your glowing skin. ($65) – read about the full range for a firmer face.

Dark circles… nature’s hint reminding us that we need to catch some Z’s, or that we’re climbing that age tree. Since we don’t have time to slumber the day away or rewind, this little under eye treatment helps cover up the damage.  Darphin  Ideal Resource Anti Dark Eye Circle Illuminator comes in a skin care like tube, with a cooling applicator tip that perfectly releases a tinted moisturizer to cover up, reduce puffiness, and applies “spot on” easily to help hide those circles.  Keeps the delicate under eye area supple, making you look less tired!

Cater to your skin with this full routine for a healthy and glowy radiance this season. You’ll feel infinitely better when you put your best face on for the brutal cold! GLO on! your best natural face for winter written by Brigitte Segura + Andrea Porro.

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