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WARRIORS in PINK for a cause

It’s time to get the conversation going about (breast) health. We are all concerned about our bodies and the issues that can occur, but we’re not spending much time actually talking about them. In honor of their 20th year of supporting the fight against breast cancer, Ford WarriorsinPink drives the conversation with a new survey on breast cancer awareness.

warriorsinpink ford cares drivingtheconversation FashionDailyMag

The WarriorsinPink are a strong force advocating the conversation on breast health. The survey was intended to understand the amount of conversation going on around this issue. This topic was cited as the third most concerning health topic for women, yet only a quarter of women report being most concerned about breast cancer. So what the Warriors found was a strong potential for improvement! Although not many are actively discussing it, people are aware of its dangers.

The last step is just to find a way to spread the word. The survey showed that most women believe the car provides a good setting for important conversations. So next time you’re riding in the car with your mother, daughter or girlfriend, bring up the topic , it’s a conversation worth having.

brigitte segura with jacob koe and sam schuerman WarriorsInPink

Our editor, Brigitte had the opportunity to meet some of the surviving warriors (#warriorsinpink) at a recent lunch event. She was blown away by the energy and optimism these women had. One of them cliff jumped for her 50th birthday after being diagnosed and treated not once, but twice with breast cancer! All of the women in this advocacy group really are warriors. So join in, spread awareness, and let’s help fight breast cancer! WARRIORS in PINK for a cause written by Bianca Scherrei.

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(group photo by courtesy)

instagram group photo @ brigitte segura + jacob koe +  and co-survivor samshuerman


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