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truSMILE to brighter teeth

check it out! TruSmile teeth whitening system brings professional results to your fingertips. The at-home products from founder Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Joe Williardsen of True Dentistry unites accessibility with amazing results. Use these few products from the TruSmile line for a stellar smile, and the gorgeous packaging makes it OK to keep it out on display.

Trying to keep fresh and have a sparkling smile ? The TruSmile Toothpaste, with its germ-fighting ingredients and anti-stain properties, will give your dazzling smile a bright reality ! This little product packs a punch, as the small abrasive levels balances the great amounts of enamel fluoride- ensuring that your smile is long-lasting.  Mouthwash has gotten a makeover with the Tru Mouthwash. One of the most vital steps of dental care, this product has xylitol, which decreases bad tastes and odors, while renewing your breath.  For a stronger rinse, use with True Tooth Whitening.

Time-consuming whitening strips are a thing of the past, thanks to the portable Tru Pen Whitener.   Increased doses of hydrogen-peroxide inside gives a bolder, brighter smile, especially when used with the other components of the True Aesthetics system. Refreshing and painless, this pen makes bleaching stains in-between teeth quick and simple for whiter smile.

TruSmile considers all facets of a striking smile-including lustrous lip products that improves your look and feel. The Tru Lip Roller increases your natural plumping by creating soothing micro channels on your lip’s surface, delivering 40x more lisosomes than most regular applicators. Apply across your lips (at a 45 degree angle) for a fuller outcome.

Pump up the volume while lowering lines and wrinkles with the Tru Lip Plumper. Age-fighting ingredients instantly resists wrinkles while moisturizing, (such as Marine chondroitin sulfate and collagen, Portulaca extract, and a natural tripeptide “Maxi-Lip” ingredient) that unite together for youthful, stunning lips.

Tru Vitamin Lip Balm provides the soothing effect you desire, while standing up to the shifting seasons’ with its great repairing properties. This multifaceted product contains beeswax, jojoba and avocado lipids and also reduces pigmentation; while the avocado phyto-lipids lowers wrinkles and remedies through glucose activation. Set your new beaming smile free. Written by Mary Anderson.


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