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The ULTIMATE DATE: the FINE art of fragrance

A Scentalicious experience: with the MOOD on romance, coupling + a little fantasy thrown in, I recently explored creating my own bespoke fragrance at the Scentarium for the upcoming VDAY. Though I don’t personally need an occasion for a new fragrance, (I have about 5 faves I cycle currently) the idea of my very own sounded delicious.

“Create your own chemistry” is what is highlighted on the site… need I say more?

Don_Stahl_ScentArium-3-1024x683 SUE PHILLIPS THE SCENTARIUM TRIBECA bespoke fragrance fashiondailymag

Feeling like I was in an episode of The Bachelorette, I set up a surprise activity with the ‘date du jour’ at the intimate maison tucked away in TriBeCa, THE SCENTARIUM. A few typical neighborhood stairs down and voila, a gorgeous warm room of romance filled with antiques, flowers, and bottles of fragrance + oil, and I’m already in love-  though not sure if it’s the fragrant air or the company.  The founder and mixmaster Sue Phillips was just as warm and knowledgeable as the beautiful room that spoke to my heart and senses.

unnamed SUE PHILLIPS THE SCENTARIUM TRIBECA bespoke fragrance fashiondailymag

“Because your perfume should be as unique as you.”  – Sue Phillips

The amazing power of fragrance – can make you fall in love. The idea of creating a bespoke fragrance – just for me, that is all about me was the highlight of my visit.  So much that the intoxicating scents in the air put the mood on my night- ever so obviously.


So how does it work? Let’s just say Sue has a masters in fragrance mixology :). There is an organized system in place, and a chart.  The Scents are categorized by their properties, into the families of Fresh, Floral, Woodsy, and Spicy Oriental. Based on your personality preferences and answers to Sue’s Scent Personality Quiz, it gives you an idea which Scent family you are likely to fall into.


It starts with a certain type of fragrance family, and simply put, Sue chooses a fragrance, and presents a paper stick with it to me: My job was to put the scent I like in 1 pile, the so-so in another, and the out in yet another. What was interesting was both the contrast and the similarities in what I put in faves vs. what my partner put in faves.   Did we (me and date now referred to as DU JOUR) love the same flower or woodsy or mossy scent?  The question of do we gravitate towards the same kinds of fragrance? or the opposite.  I tried to peek over to the right at Du Jour’s selection but was so overwhelmed with my own love pile I was in a confused fragrant state.



Though having gathered about 70% of fragrance in my love pile would seem like a great thing, it obviously wasn’t making the cut to create the custom fragrance.  I loved too many.  Part 2 of the bespoke process was then eliminating the less faves. Still challenged as I still loved too many that would make a messy soup if combined.   Under the guidance of mixmaster Sue (who has had a career in creating fragrance for houses like burberry, Lancome, Elizabeth Arden, and Tiffany and Co.)  the creation of this fragrance was indeed an awesome activity.


No wonder Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, Won-G Bruno, Zendaya, The Real Housewives of Potomac and Lisa Vanderpump have come to the private den to create at the SCENTARIUM  too.   I couldn’t help but wonder if I was sitting in Jamie’s seat.

Fast forward to the final product, the “brigitte” scent… I was satisfied with my mix, but very surprised I leaned more woodsy, mossy and musk than amber in this exercise. The DU JOUR? A pretty sexy mix that had a crispy clean bite – though the ‘clean’ was faint… it wasn’t exactly my preferred sophisticated flavor to cozy up to.  Fragrance does indeed depict depths of a personality… who knew.

SUE PHILLIPS THE SCENTARIUM TRIBECA bespoke fragrance fashiondailymag

To “create your own chemistry” visit the SCENTARIUM. For VDAY, you can experience the his + her fragrance for a special deal of 150$ per couple, normally prices are $500-$750.

My words of wisdom? Participate in this fragrance journey with the significant or DU JOUR and see if it ignites the love or lust… it’s worth every minute of bonding during and after… details NOT to be disclosed.. happy VDAY!

SUE PHILLIPS THE SCENTARIUM TRIBECA bespoke fragrance fashiondailymag

“The sensory experience is about personalization and authentically reflecting who you are.” – Sue Phillips

You can FALL IN LOVE with the right fragrance in the air, and it doesn’t matter if it all fades when the scent evaporates. 🙂

The Scentarium
85 Franklin Street
New York, NY 10013

The ULTIMATE DATE: the fine art of fragrance. A fragrant romance in the scentarium written by Brigitte Segura.

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