stylish hands with sun protection

Sun spots and wrinkles are so not chic, but it’s easy to forget to slather sunscreen on your hands everyday, even though they’re extremely prone to sun damage. Well fashionistas, have no fear! Solfingers, a line of fashionable fingerless gloves, provides protection from UVA and UVB rays, and it offers gloves in a large variety of the most stylish prints! check out the nail polish to match!

SOLFINGERS Sun Kit fashiondailymag sel 1

They have recently launched a nail polish line which bundles one pair of trendy fingerless gloves with three perfectly matched nail polish shades. We are in love with the cheetah print gloves, especially paired with the gorgeous deep burgundy color included in their new kits. So whether you consider yourself beachy, trendy, or sophisticated, there is sure to be a perfect print to match your style and keep your hands beautiful and free of sun damage.

The products are made in the USA and their special stretch tricot material allows for total comfort and mobility, so what are you waiting for? Stop damaging your hands and slip into these beauties…your skin will thank you! fdmLOVES SOLFINGERS stylish sun protection written by Megan Pierce.

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