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SPRING into fragrant MOOD enhancers

soap and paper factory bella solid fragrance girl on FashionDailyMag spring beauty

fdmLOVES: give yourself a little scent to enhance the mood, get the CHAKRAs in balance and LIGHTen up, go HAPPY.   SPRING beauty vol 1 featuring Soap and Paper Factory solid fragrances and OPUS GAIA essential oil roll-on fragrances to harmonize-  get the details 

editor’s note: i keep a couple of these in my bag, a roll-on and a solid fragrance, and pull them out and just ‘take in the scent’  when in tight spots, on the train, in a stinky cab, and cozy seating at fashion shows.. the secret’s out.  it’s a 2-in 1, feel-good and fragrant – brigitte

1. for a little SASSy + energy:  BELLA solid fragrance by  soap + paper factoryBergamot, Grapefruit, Black Pepper… innocent notes of Grapefruit and Litsea represent the spirit of youth–fresh, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed , with a whisper of Bergamot, a dash of Black Pepper brings out  that sassy, energetic spirit

I BELONG i am i love chakra sprays spring on FashionDailyMag

2.attract the connection:  Second Chakra I FEEL by  OPUS GAIA – To avoid any missed connections and to attract the right relationship, I Feel offers a sensuous blend of Jasmine, blood orange and geranium.  It can be used as a natural perfume to attract that special someone or enhance the relationship you’re currently in.

3.  put the SEXY on:  ROSEWOOD [soap + paper factory] is earthy yet citrusy and sexy. know to be an aphrodisiac!  Don’t let the name fool you, it smells nothing like roses!! Bois de Rose has woody undertones

soap and paper factory bella solid fragrance on FashionDailyMag spring beauty

4.energize in a pinch: Third Chakra I CAN [OPUS GAIA ]– Got that 2:30 feeling you can’t shake off?  Rub some Third Chakra I Can into palms of your hands and breath in for that boost of energy.  mix of lemon, rosemary, cinnamon and gem essences to give a much needed ‘jolt.’

5. RELAX:  Seventh Chakra I Am [OPUS GAiA]– For those restless night, the soothing scent of cardamom, lavender and petitgrain sur fleur will help get you the much needed rest you need.  Apply to the palms and soles of feet prior to sleep and you will have sweet dreams

and if that isn’t enough, we’re thinking ‘What’ll It Take” [to make you dance] by Graham Coxona fan-sourced video makes us all sorts of happy: 85 fanatics fearlessly danced their way down the street to create this.. on Vimeo