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Spring fresh fashion

Spring is in the air, that’s for sure. With spring cleaning on the agenda, How’s your wardrobe situation going? Yes, the idea of buying new spring clothing is definitely on the agenda, but the reality is that most of us are bringing out lighter pieces from the back of the closet by now.

Whether you’re a city girl like me that had to put spring / summer pieces in storage, or you put away your things in the basement, rediscovering your favorite dresses and fancies from last year may not be the most pleasant scented experience. Maybe a little musty? just a little dusty? And your favorite silk dress that you forgot to dry clean sitting with the rest?

Yes, well there is a solution that’s not too painful or costly, plus it can refresh the wrinkles out of the wardrobe. My at home / laundromat dry-cleaner, Dryel. Pretty simple- put a few similar colored pieces together, throw them in a bag, add a cleaning cloth, and depending how deep I want to clean, 15-30 minutes in the dryer, and voila – smelling fresh and new! no shrinking or fading –  and BTW no synthetic drycleaner scent!

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How to refresh Spring | Transitional | Winter clothes:

Spring wardrobe:
I put the patterned silks + special pieces together that are coming out for spring. Try to keep similar weight materials and colors together. If you only have 2 pieces that are similar- then put just 2 in the bag. Do the 30 min deep clean run.

If you have a few other pieces that just need the musty scent out, do the same thing- for 30 min.
If you just want a quick refresh, you can try reusing the same cloth and run a few items (similar colors to what you used before, and remove the other pieces first). Go for 15min. If that didn’t do the trick, use a fresh new cloth and do for 15 minutes. I like to extend the use if i just want to take advantage of the scent, but the cloth doesn’t necessarily “clean” again when used the second time.

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Transitional wardrobe: While it’s warm some days and cold on others, you may still want to hold on to a couple of jackets and sweaters. It’s good refresh so they sit nicely with your spring clothes! Gather lightweight sweaters + jackets together staying with you from cold to spring – refresh to get that new fresh feeling. Do the 15 min run.

Winter wardrobe: If you have the time, try to get the coats and clean them before storing them away, so you don’t have to do it again when it’s fall. Though I get lazy about the coats, at least take care of the wool accessories + sweaters, because they tend to hold the “winter wet” scent longest.

Don’t try to overstuff or mix a coat with a sweater – be kind to your clothes. They will last longer, and definitely smell better if you limit one major coat in the bag at a time. or 5 knitted hats + scarves alone. Now you can put away your winter pieces, and feel like you did spring cleaning without touching the floor.

There you have it – spring clean + refresh your wardrobe! Spring fresh fashion written by Brigitte Segura.

photo credit: Angus Smythe x FashionDailyMag || libertine.

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