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SPRING beauty boost: Ingestibles

Spring is here! time to get a pretty, healthy dose of beauty from inside and out.  Now that we’re (hopefully) not hiding under any more hats, it’s time to think about reviving our beauty from the winter woes.  From your face glowing to skin hydration from head to toe,  to healthy hair to show off – it’s all going to be visible from hereon .   We’ve been hearing alot about ingestibles lately, and to help speed spring beautifying the process along, we tried a few beauty-targetted supplements.  Here’s a handful of supplements + products that we tried and found was helpful to get an extra beauty boost.

1. GLOW on! Z SKIN SYSTEMS launched a beauty system: A 2-step that includes a serum that targets the surface of your face and natural supplements to improve the complexion while working underneath the skin.  Z skin is a nutrition-focused skincare system for “a 360-degree approach to science driven beauty.”  This range is created with ZEAXANTHIN,  the antioxidant that is derived from paprika peppers.  Importantly, the concentrated levels that have been clinically evaluated to promote nourished skin that is balanced both internally and externally. The line offers two different methods. The first method multiple benefits including bringing natural radiance to face while the second one is for people with problematic skin with skin-clearing nutrients. We tried out the natural radiance and found after a month of use, the face had a little extra “glow”.   The glow of healthy – and you can’t beat that.

2. LOVE your HAIR! If you weren’t born with amazing hair, or if age and lifestyle have taken a toll on how your locks look, NOURAGE may help.  Supplementing with a blend of keratin, minerals and vitamins, nourage helps improve the health and beauty of your hair, skin and nails, giving you a boost of self confidence.  The supplements are especially helpful for protein-deficient diets (like most vegetarians), or after winter breakeage.  We tried this out and found that there was less fall out and breakage.   Even better: combining the supplements with protein rich hair products like ECRU, it helped strenghten and add shine to the locks, which made hair look even longer.   Here’s what was the winning combo:  NOURAGE supplements + ECRU Acacia Protein Shampoo, conditioner, and BB cream for hair.  We picked up ECRU at YGallerySalon Soho, where they have a huge range of ECRU and can help determine which products from the range can actually help your hair!

3.  SEA BUCKTHORN duo = an extra dose of OMEGAs, vitamins + antioxidents to moisturize + protect:

Sea buckthorn seed oil by SEABUCK WONDERS.  This unique, Kosher-certified, product is regenerating and provides high content of Omega 3, 6, 9, vitamins A and E, and other nutrients including unsaturated fatty acids and minerals. The organic oil boosts your immune system and improve not only function of the brain and heart but also skin conditions and protection against harmful elements like free radicals.  (drop into your juice)

Sea buckthorn berry oil by SEABUCK WONDERS is an antioxident dose to soothe your skin in shape for spring.  This organic product provides a rich supply of Omega 7, vitamins E and A. Omega 7 is a “special nutrient that may protect, replenish, moisten and restore the skin and mucus membranes that line the digestive and urogenital tracts.” With its age-defing properties, it is great for skin, hair and nails. Other than those benefits, it also improve dental and gum health. Yay.

The combined duo actually did help get the skin softer, especially during the pre-spring transition of cold | hot climate.   It’s easy to take, just add a few drops in juice daily.   The down side is that it’s an oil, and you have to get used to adding a bit of oil into your beverage regularly.  But if taken daily as directed, you will start to notice “less dry” all around – and you will miss it when you stop using it!

4.  Anti-aging + boost your energy + focus for spring. MORINGA ultimate micro-fine powder by Green Virgin is for a healthier + more focused you!

Moringa is a great beauty ingredient which contains rich antioxidant properties. It is also a great source of Vitamin A to boost the immune system and to promote collagen formation which helps the skin to fight against aging. For hundreds of years it has helped people achieve and maintain good health, recover from medical problems and increase energy levels. With 90 different types of nutrients including vitamins, proteins, fiber and minerals, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-Inflammatory agents, 18 amino Acids and 9 essential amino acids, Moringa truly is the ultimate super food.   Bonus prize it helps you get going in the morning and focus – no coffee needed.  The down side is that it’s a green powder and well, it’s one of those things – you’ve to to mix it and drink it to get the results.

SPRING beauty boost: Ingestibles commentary by Brigitte Segura, written by Betty Lo.

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