Say Hello to Socially Acclaimed with Kelly Cutrone

There’s a new force on the digital frontier. Take the pioneering spirit of Peoples Revolution plus some added panache and voila – Socially Acclaimed, a new Digital PR + Social Media Agency founded by the three amigos starring PR maven (ANTM, Kell on Earth) Kelly Cutrone, Emily Bungert, and Stefanie Skinner.  The focus is on overarching strategic goals that embrace lifestyle branding across multiple web platforms.

Services offered will span from social media to events marketing and everything in between, all with the intent of maximizing the appropriately dubbed socialsphere.

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The newly minted company led by Skinner (Cutrone’s former assistant on “Kell on Earth”) who holds title of President… “This is an awesome time for entrepreneurial young women in fashion, it feels great to be back on Grand Street and I’m excited and grateful for this next chapter.”

Best of all the scope isn’t limited to fashion – from restaurants to retail stores, representation will come full circle, and we anticipate the power of their past will fuel their future. On a personal level People’s Revolution CEO and Founder Cutrone says, “I am just happy to be revenue sharing with the gals!” How refreshing!

Say Hello to Socially Acclaimed with Kelly Cutrone written by Sarah A. Freiseis.

Photo Credit: Gavin Doyle



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