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slip into a ROMANCE inspired scene

Admittedly the romantic type, we at FDM covet all things sensual year-round. But, with V-day right around the corner, we’re setting up for seasonally fueled sexy. Is there a special someone in your life? Of course there is – you! Lovely scents and second skins… check out our editor’s top picks.

some fragrant lovelies: Brought to you by Min New York, the luxury retailer in SoHo [and on-line] that offers the most sought-after rare fragrances, beauty and grooming from around the globe.  Tucked in a cozy location downtown on Crosby, the store has an antiqued decor with an aura that evokes the senses to a wow shopping experience.  And for those of you in a distant land,  on-line shopping makes it easy to get the goods in [almost] a New York minute!  Here are  some of favorite fragrant picks to set the mood for V-DAY [details below gallery].

MARLIES DEKKERS charm black FashionDailyMag V-day

second skin loves: Not that you need to add a thing on top of those scented pleasures, but if you are going to, Marlies Dekkers is FDM Editor in Chief Brigitte Segura’s style recommend. The Dutch lingerie designer’s brand made a splash on the under garment scene with her line Undressed. The difference is in the décolleté details with embellishment.  Her collections look phenomenal on alone, and they are fitted for function – taking special occasion into every day fab.  No bumpy textures under clothes, the extra jeweled details are meant to be seen as an additional “accessory” around the neckline.

We have picked some styles to consider, but trust us; this is just a glimpse at the under-glam. The padded balcony pieces are aptly supportive while smooth and sleek. The padded plunge is much the same but drops at the center of the cleavage. Several variations of these show peek-a-boo with strappy dimensions that give each a unique personality. Try one of these on for size: Space Odyssey, I heart Undressed, Shimmering Wildblock, Ceternite, and Charms. FYI – it’s so hot, meant to be seen braziers take on a whole new dimension. Brigitte rocks the brand fervently. Imagine a low cut top with a strappy cut bra that smooth and actually fits, and we know about the lingerie with bells and whistles becomes lumpy when worn under clothes. These pieces are designed for modern va-voom that’s refined for chic- no bumps here.

WHIPS and ROSES kerosene fragrance VDAY

Eau de Parfum Hippie Rose ($180) by Heeley Paris is all the peace and love carried by a beautiful free spirit bottled up and ready to go. Appropriately, it has Patchouli base notes: essences of Vetiver Haiti, Incense, Amber, Musk, layered with floral Bulgarian Rose at the heart, and topped with Bergamot and Green Moss.

Also in the spicy family, two scents by Juliette has a (gun) got our attention again. Vengeance Extreme, a chypre fragrance, carries intense amounts of Patchouli, Bulgarian Rose and Vanilla that leave a lingering message. With a little more musk, Romantina, adds innocence to deeper layers of flirt with Musk, Orange blossom, Vanilla from Madagascar. Both are available in 100mL for $135.

It’s not just about the body when it comes to dreamy details, think about mood enhancing candles to create the perfect ambience for passion. The Miller Harris Fleur Oriental Mini Candle (35g) is great to own or to gift at only $15 for a roomful of lovely. The scent derived of the Oriental bases amber, vanilla and musk is made of natural wax and is completely atmosphere inducing.

If the “oriental” flavor gets you in the mood, try Montale’s Aoud Purple Rose Eau de Parfum (100ml for $160.00) for you and your mate. Sharing is soo sexy – and this men + woman aroma made with agarwood and taif rose hits just ‘the right’ spot. Speaking of heating things up in the bedroom, Whips and Roses by Kerosene starts out with a femme feel, but ends on a unisex note. Citrus and floral collide with zest tangled up in leather and musk (100ml, $140).

Amore… it’s out there for the taking, and so are its fabulous accoutrements. Lingerie and fragrance are just the start to your lifelong love interlude.  Slip Into the MOOD:  V-DAY guide.  Written by Sarah A. Freiseis.

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