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Sergio Davila fall 2013

A cross-section of the daring and delectable, taking us on a wild ride for Fall 2013, Sergio Davila brought to life what inspired him during his 8-month stay in South American towns such as Lima, Peru within the iconic Centre of Lima. Walking around the dark mysterious streetlife, with its cacophony of punk rockers, brought him to off-the-wall but always current Concept Artist Alvaro Feliu, who opened another world of inspiration to delve into. Feliu’s dark quirkiness works well when merged with Davila’s, as the designer sourced the mohawk seen not only on the rebels of the street, but also the revered Peruvian dog.

Sergio Davila Fall Winter 2013 fashiondailymag 11

Underneath all the Davila hard rock references still lives the heart, since all the fibers are completely organic, from Pima Cotton to Alpaca. Within the collection structured fabrications weren’t just functional, but also fun by being found on asymmetrical tops and against oversized buttons. Also, by throwing mega-size prints across a white button-down inserted moments of whimsy into the collection-another nod to Feliu’s style. Ladies were given more lightness with a wider range of fabrics-but never fear, the strength was still there by keeping them all within a deep, dark color palette. Creating the illusion of mile-long legs by placing the prints on the top overall molded the muted leg wear into the streamlined shape. A voluminous gray top with gold pieces scattered across the chest epitomized the overall fullness and boldness of the collection. The footwear showed that the Sergio Davila woman is force to be reckoned with, by rocking cheetah platforms as seamlessly as their solid counterparts.

Men don’t worry, womenswear didn’t steal the spotlight, as statement-making metal pieces hung from collars while adorning everyday sweaters. The menswear received more layering and coverage for the form; such as a chocolate brown jacket over a strict collar while being completed with sleek gloves. Guys were given the chance to express their boldness as well with enticing earth-toned looks and mustard-hued accessories. Modernity was taken back into traditional roots with a assortment of outerwear such as zip-up jackets, sweater and structured vests, and tough blazers, which were adorned with showstopper accents. Think black blazers shimmering with the help of a sequined collar or a gray slouchy jacket transformed into street with the addition of studs.  fdm LOVES selects from SERGIO DAVILA fall runway by Brigitte Segura, written by Mary Anderson.  Photos: Randy Brooke.

the DO too insistent

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editor’s note: Click to hear the sound of music playing at Davila’s show.  We’re obsessed with the remix of  The Dø  Too Insistent that was playing during NYFW.


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