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ROSE beauty for spring

BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: It’s all coming up roses this time. Beautify with a burst of floral mood enhancers that revive your spirit and get you in a “spring state of mind”.  A curated a selection of skin and body moisturizers that help nourish skin from head to toe, and get you ready to flaunt your beautiful legs and arms.

We’ve thrown in a few rose- flavored mood enhancers too.  Get ready for a rosey spring!

REN Rose O¹² Moisture Defence Oilthis ultra moisturizing oil boost helps give your dry | dehydrated skin a shield to lock in moisture, which is perfect during the cold | hot transition in the early spring. Apply before moisturizer + night cream to help skin look renewed and restore elasticity.

Freshen up with a scent of spring: DEVERA Naturals Rosewater Cleansing toner is a 3 in 1 perfect pick me up. Filled with a spring bouquet of rose flower water + rose geranium with oats, this beauty find gently cleanses, exfoliates, and tones in 1. Helps keep skin moisturized while promoting healthy skin-cell turnover too.

ROSE skin care spring beauty FashionDailyMag


Perfect for quiet time in the shower: REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body wash has a delicious light fragrance and helps keep your skin moisturized while you cleanse. Infused with Moroccan Rose Otto Oil, an essential oil known for relieving stress + restoring balance. Perfect for quiet time in the shower.

Intense moisture for the skin! REN Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil is a rose infused body oil that locks in moisture and give skin a healthy glow, locks in moisture. Great after waxy to help calm skin and reduce redness | irritation. Contains Tocotrienols from Cranberry Seed Oil to protect the skin against “oxidative damage.”SPRING ROSE beauty 2015 FashionDailyMag 1


The newest TOCCA girl! “Isabel” eau de parfum.  A light floral bouquet with a flirty crispness. Filled with bergamot and Spanish rose with a hint of amber. Flirt away.. at Sephora.


AGRARIA WOVEN CRYSTAL perfume candle in “Cedar Rose” A warm woody floral that blends the sultry depth of Cedarwood with Damask Rose, with hints of Violets and Lily of the Valley.

TOCCA “Florence” English Rose candela. A light touch of spring floral with the European garden rose ambiance with a hint of iris root. burns about 60 hours. at NewLondonPharmacy.

A few wonderful reasons to go ROSE beauty for spring by Brigitte Segura.

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featured photo: fdmlovesflowers