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post summer SKIN CARE

Summer sunsets are passing us quickly, as the cool night breeze is settling in…  it’s time to think about our skinagain.   Let’s turn the skincare nourishing up a notch after the sun and wind, and let’s get through the seasonal change with minimal reactions.

Prepping for the chill,  we found a “nude” products regime chock full of Omegas in all natural, Vegan and paraben-free formulas to keep the glow in check, even after the tan fades.

CLEAN + remove makeup:

First, wash the face with Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly.  A 2-in-1  to take off all the makeup at end of the day. The all-natural, paraben-free cleanser transforms from a unique gel texture to a soft milk texture as it melts away the impurities.  Can be used both as face and eye makeup, and leaves skin smooth and toned. With nourishing ingredients, the omega-enriched jelly removes dirt gently without drying out the skin.

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Next, moisturize with Advanced Renewal Moisturizer. This ultra-rich cream is packed with antioxidants to improve firmness, elasticity and hydration. Infused with probiotics, along with omegas 6 and 9, this vegan product softens the texture and brings the face back to life with luminous appearance.

For post-summer extra nourishment + a glow glow, follow up with ProGenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil. Don’t be scared if facial oil isn’t in your usual routine, this ultra-sheer skin-saving oil worth a try. The “featherweight” formula repairs + refines skin’s texture with the added Bakuchiol (for a flawless face) and coleus root and organic rosemary extracts to clear the completion.

pamper your skin:

Twice a week, pamper yourself by using Purify Deep Cleansing Mask to thoroughly clean the face. It is a mousse mask for oily skin that absorbs excess oil while gently exfoliates + refine pores as French pink and white clay removes impurities and omega fatty acids with sea fennel deliver nutrients for a healthy balance. Within just ten minutes, the skin will be glowing and feel refreshed! post summer SKIN CARE Vegan + paraben-free pre FALL natural skincare by Betty Lo.

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