PinchMe Celebrates a Million

Imagine getting to try your favorite beauty products before buying them right from the comfort of your home. Seems like a comfy idea especially with this cold weather and the best part? Totally possible! PinchMe sends samples of your favorite brands right to your mailbox.  From hair care to skin care, makeup and even brushes, PinchMe lets its subscribers choose from a variety of brands to sample.

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For the average beauty lover this is great news! Beauty products can be so expensive and it seems like there’s always something new coming out. Just when you thought you’ve found your holy grail eyeliner, one seemingly better is one the market. PinchMe is a smart way to find out just how well these products work out without having to spend a dime on them first. The service works lets you choose your preferred brands and works with your choices to make sure you’re always getting the products you want to try. To make the deal even sweeter, they also a page on their site that shares online coupons so if you’re looking to save while shopping they do the couponing for you!

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We’re not the only ones who think they are awesome.  The brand just celebrated their year anniversary earlier this month, plus- hitting that huge one million subscriber mark! That’s a lot of people.   Why not try that shampoo before rushing out to buy the bottle? Guaranteed happiness and efficiency for at least a million.. PinchMe Celebrates a Million written by Andrea Porro.

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