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organic FOOD for HAIR by Yarok

Food for the hair!  If your hair is dry and lacking volume, maybe it’s time to take some organic action to invigorate.  After color processes and hot tool styling, not to mention the recent wind and the cold temperatures, our locks need a boost of nourishment.  We’ve been exploring some options on how to get the bounce back, and we stumbled upon a new concept- FOOD! just for the hair, courtesy of YAROK Beauty kitchen.

Located near Chelsea + Grammercy in NYC, our editor Brigitte went to visit this intimate hair haven.  Not your ordinary salon with loud dance music or a revolving door, this little gem is tucked away in a building that is not even on the ground floor.  Instead,  you walk into a serene environment filled with the intoxicating aromas of essential oils.  Yum! Here’s how the visit went.

from the editor:

After endlessly trying to fix the damage from expirementing with way too many colors in the past few months, I decided to try something new – a “Feed your Youth” hair + scalp treatment as suggested by YAROK stylist CoCo.   I can’t remember the last time I had a scalp treatment, nor did I remember the heavenly (and much needed) relaxation during the process.  After analyzing my tresses, CoCo suggested a rejuvinating treatment to bring back the much needed bounce and shine to my curls, which sounded like music to my ears, and in this case- food for my hair! I was already enjoying the aromatherapy scents and of course I said YES!

Now for the fun part.  Since each treatment is designed for your specific hair need, whether it’s a scalp treatment to rejuvenate or to add moisture, it’s customized.   You get to choose 3 oils, from what seems to be hundreds of organic and natural oils like apricot, yarrow, orange blossom, and jojoba to get the results. Coco the ‘hair mixologist’ went to work, making what looked like a fresh batch of guacamole for my hair! A bit of avocado, aloe, and coconut oil, mixed with a power blend of essential oils. Once the treatment was on (it’s a 5 step), I had the most amazing scalp massage to enhance circulation and to help the products penetrate. We’re not talking a little massage while getting your hair rinsed at the salon.   I was in the hands of a master that was working my head to a heavenly relaxed place without rushing.   All I could say at this point was Ahhhhh.

The results? I felt relaxed, and my hair was shining with a renewed bounce.   You can literaly see the shine- in my case, it reached about mid-way through my shoulder length hair.   Due to the extensive damage with color and after all the hot tool styling, my locks are craving another dose… a great excuse to chillax again while adding health and shine to my hair from root to tip. Check out the VID here.

Dedicated to a lifestyle of organic, sustainable beauty, Yarok hair kitchen offers full salon services including ORGANIC hair color, hair cuts for men + women, and a full product range with natural ingredients in modern minimal packaging.  I’ll be trying out some of the natural + organic curl-friendly hair products next!

FOOD was never so good for your hair!  If you want to gift yourself or someone a special treat, this is a quiet spot to get away and refresh your hair in quiet luxury.  It takes about an hour, and all that wonderful organic love is about $100+ for a sensory hair and scalp treatment .   If you want to get the most the most awesome head massage and treatment along the way, ask for CoCo. Yarok’s Beauty Kitchen is a quiet intimate spot near Chelsea + Grammercy Park.

organic FOOD for HAIR by Yarok commentary by Brigitte Segura, written by Katie Webley.

Mordechai Alvow, an essential oils chef of sorts, has built a creative and calming environment for his top notch haircuts, organic hair coloring and exclusive YAROK sensory hair and scalp treatments. Yarok, which is ‘green’ in Hebrew, is dedicated to creating products that reduce carbon foot prints, keeping all their products 100% vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly. The YAROK all-natural organic hair care line is created by celebrated hair stylist Mordechai Alvow . Yarok donates 3% of its yearly profits to a non-profit organization Pachamama Alliance that protects over 10 million acres of rainforest in the Amazon.

more info: YAROK hair kitchen | 39 West 19 Street suite 610 | New York, NY 10011 (212.876.4293)

to reach CoCo directly, folow | message him at CoCoStyle on Tumblr

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