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new HAIR DO for a new year

From the editor: So, I took the plunge recently…  hair gone short(er) for the new year!  After many years of wearing my curly mane mid back length,  I decided to freshen up + texturize the do.  Out with the old (less live) hair and in the with the new perky hair was my motto.  Though the idea of getting rid of “dead weight”  in itself is liberating,  it took some time to adjust to living with the idea.

What I didn’t realize is how attached to my locks I’ve been over the last years.   For my transition to shorter hair, I collaborated with Salon Ziba at their new 57th st location and started the process about 7+ weeks ago.   I also didn’t remember that my multi-textured hair ranging from wavy to super curly q’s would require a bit of time to get used to the new length- and then get re-adjusted.

brigitte segura by vital agibalow Salon Ziba x FashionDailyMag 3

I worked with Coco, who is one of the stylists that handles special projects at the Salon.    We discussed the different textures and the reaction to both color + the drastic cut, and decided to do a couple of interim cuts to shape hair while the curls settled into their shorter length.    As the last few weeks went by, we brightened and trimmed some more, and voila – here’s the new just barely touching the shoulder length!  I feel brighter, lighter, and fresh 🙂  Though the curls are not quite yet the same texture as before,  they are finally ready to debut their newfound healthy glow!

The new Salon Ziba, located at 50 W. 57th has a gorgeous modern interior designed by Peter Millard and Susan Kwon of Millard Kwon Design… check out the stunning atmosphere, equipped with current fashion show videos to entertain us during our washing process.  Here’s a little peek, with more pics to come! new HAIR do for a new year commentary + selects by Brigitte Segura.

photo credit: Vital Agibalow x FashionDailyMag.

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more info + book: Salon Ziba, 50 W. 57th st NYC, 212-767-0577.

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