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MUSIC just got better sounding

We spy with our little eye… a designed something lightweight and modern that gives an awesome sound boost to your portable tunes. Bayan Audio, known for their quality sound speakers,  now has a Soundbook Go that is an affordable and PORTABLE option that helps you turn up the volume on your handheld.  With cool features like the ability to pair with bluetooth or NFC, you can sync it with most smartphones or tablets with a couple of settings and rock.

We tried out this little gadget, and within a few minutes,  it was ready to go… out of the box and crazy easy to use- even for a girl. No worrying about extra wires, because the Soundbook Go’s USB compatibility links up to most laptops and cell phone chargers.  It’s really that easy to charge. Once it’s all charged,  you get a dose of 9 booming hours of your favortite tunes.

Bayan Audio Soundbook fashiondailymag SEL 2 blue

The sleek design comes in 4 colors (our fav is the blue) so you can personalize the look to match your style.  Additionally, it’s encased in a travel-friendly smart cover so you can just put it into your bag – ready to pull out to get the sound party started anywhere you go.  Whether you’re blasting dance jams or slowing it with some acoustics for a chill night with friends, the Soundbook Go along is your portable sound enhancer for this season.

The sound on this little box goes loud enough without being fuzzy, and the price is reasonable (about $140).  Perfect for the holiday must-have shopping list. MUSIC just got better sounding commentary by Brigitte Segura, written by Andrea Porro.

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