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MAMO SoHo new FAVE eatery

SoHo times: Finally, somewhere new to celebrate and date. While my neighborhood is known for its fantastic Fashion, Food, and all the pretty people, let’s just say the eateries have gotten just too familiar for my flavor. On my quest for dinner with atmosphere, I was happy to stumble onto one of the newbies – Mamo NYC Restaurant. Italian meets Antibes cuisine for the fashionable. Yay.

MAMO RESTAURANT SOHO fashiondailymag 2


Though the restaurant located across from the SoHo Grand didn’t just open, let’s just say I didn’t notice it until the local scaffolding came down. Located in a super cute small building, the Euro-styled store front entry is inviting now that we can see it while strolling.

MAMO RESTAURANT SOHO fashiondailymag 1

Once inside, we take a walk up the stairs to the attractive dining rooms, separated openly by a bar. Perfect to meet the date, friends or say hi to the (also attractive) owner. So far looking good.

MAMO NYC fashiondailymag atmosphere

Opting for the front room facing the hotel, my friend LoLo and I were seated and then greeted by a server. Old school SoHo, yes – when the charming server knows the menu inside and out and can gracefully suggest something even picky fashion girls would enjoy. The menu, a twist on traditional Italian with Antibes // South of France cuisine was a mashup of yummies to be discovered.

MAMO NYC fashiondailymag 110

Starting with some Rosé, we decided to follow the suggestions of our knowledgeable (and did I mention, charming) server and started with some fishy delights.  We tried a tuna farcie with peppers and salmon with burratta. Not my usual mix, but a flavorful delight – and a fresh change from the standard SoHo fare.  And can I add- one fantastic perk: My friend and I wanted to sample + share a few dishes, and we were served mini portions each on our plates beautifully at the table.

A little of this, a little of that… Swiftly and professionally served, without feeling overwhelmed with the service.  The delicate balance of attention without an invasion made the experience awesome so far.

MAMO RESTAURANT SOHO fashiondailymag 30

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As the evening progressed, the dining room got super full, (who knew) it was restaurant week. Considering the demand and sudden ‘rush’ with the crowd, our attentive waiter was back – to suggest some main courses. After contemplating which risotto, we went for his suggestion and added another fish dish, served up with the smile again.

MAMO NYC fashiondailymag 113 massimo

We didn’t need to ask for more rosé or look around, and though my friend and I weren’t at the same pace, both of us were approached at the right time,  keeping the chilled temperature of our pink beverage in perfect check.  Next came the saffron RISOTTO, which ended up as good as what I’ve had in Milan, and a other items on the menu including a fish reminding me of days in Provence.   A little chocolate mousse mini-dessert later, we the girls were so so happy…

MAMO RESTAURANT SOHO fashiondailymag 51

An enjoyable DINING EXPERIENCE, yes.  I can’t remember the last time I could say it was an entertaining ‘pleasure’ dining out.  The atmosphere x great food varieties x just the right attention in my sexy neighborhood is perfect for me.  Maybe it was all the eye candy working there that made it even more enjoyable. Whatever the magic mix, MAMO is now favorite new spot. Check it out.

MAMO SoHo new FAVE eatery written by Brigitte Segura.

photos: brigitte segura + by courtesy.

MAMO NYC is located at 323 West Broadway in SoHo (at Grand). // (646) 964-4641. // IG @mamo_nyc.

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