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Catching up: While we’ve been enjoying the super hot weather in the last week, we’ve been checking out the menswear collections for ss16 at the other side of the pond. Delectable textures, electric colors, monochromatic tones and designs that push the envelope ruled the runway for the London Collections: Men. Here are a few of the collections that grabbed our attention during LC:M ss16.

This is just a skim of a few favorites, and we’ve been updating videos and more on the mens blog,  fdmlovesmens + fdmloves during LC:M.

Kit Neale stimulated the senses with electric tropical colors. Mixed in were floral patterns and playful animal graphics. Bucket hats and pompoms topped the loose fitting looks.

Fashion East magnetized us into a party that we didn’t want to leave. With spray paint, sparkled accents and dancing models having a good time why would we want to? In refined form, the scene changed to a posh scene of pearl and jewels accentuating chocolate, snow white and tangerine colored pieces.

Christopher Shannon carried monochromatic to the next level with pitch black and white highlighted with pastel green and pink. Shirt tails graced the models of the lovely men to our delight. Clever graphics and comfortable crewneck sweatshirts were paired with bright shorts.

Agi & Sam splashed black paint and left room for stars on their models that already had us seeing parts of the galaxy. Blue, white, gray and sand colors were beautifully adorned with bags that only led us to believe that whatever was in there had to be equally as pleasing.

Nasir Mazhar kept us on the edge of our seats with harnesses and gun holsters squeezing tight on the bodies of those already dangerous looking men. The garters keeping the garments for the ladies together intrigued us. The camouflage prints and styled pieces reminded us why we love the protect and serve look.

JW Anderson brought us to a world of denim accented with blood red. An underlining Asian influence was evident, stunning and went so far to showcase a karate gi. The electric blue and numbers printed on certain pieces played a dynamic role.

Sibling presented a mod feel with bright yellows designed eye-catchingly on geometric patterns. Suits with almost microscopic ties on those divine men left us breathless.

Other notables include KTZ, Bobby Abley, and Burberry.  check out more LONDON COLLECTIONS: Menswear ss16 highlights written by Ricky Patricia Soberano, selects by Brigitte Segura.

Photo Credits:
Sam Wilson, Eeva Rinne, Dan Sims, Shaun James Cox | BFC @britishfashioncouncil

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