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exclusive: HARDY AMIES fall 2014

Hardy Amies is not one to embody a single, absolute identity. That’s what sets it apart from other menswear lines, and that is what’s very apparent, as is expected, in its new Fall | Winter collection. It is a fusion of archetypes, a style that compromises neither vision nor comfort, and a structure that would spur any guy to want to be a modern Brit… and the details! we took a close look recently, and here are some of our favorite snaps..

Sticking to two colors at most in every outfit, the collection is gorgeously minimalist. These colors also happen to be a herald of the seasons the pieces belong to. Every piece in the brand’s showcase for this season is perfectly tailored, with its signature combination of classic and modern pieces making for an overall quaint vibe. Making the autumn aspect of the line perfect and very much appropriate for a sort-of grownup trick or treat, chocolate stands out from bright and vibrant colors that would blend perfectly in any autumnal backdrop.

The winter part of the line looks to be represented by navies and monochromes, with the black-predominated outfit seeming to guarantee its wearer to look dapper no matter what. Standing out in this line is in how it made us of tote bags and how it has shown the successful crossover of the traditionally feminine piece in the menswear realm. The monogram totes, instead of watering down the masculinity of the outfits, successfully accentuate them. Color us wooed. fdmLOVES up close: HARDY AMIES fall 2014 creative direction + selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Paul Cenizal.

up close Hardy Amies menswear Photos: Janez Jeretic exclusive for FashionDailyMag

LookBook Photo edits: Janez Jeretic for FashionDailyMag


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