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get FESTIVAL hair with temporary color

In the festival mood?  With Coachella just around the corner, here’s a quick fix to give you a festival ready makeover- without spending hours shopping.  HIGH BEAMS intense temporary color gives you yes- intense color for hair that washes out with one shampoo!  Personally, I’ve always wanted to try a bright bold color- like blue without a commitment.  Always worried I would look weird “in public,” I’ve appreciated the looks of pastel and bold colors like hot pink and blue on others,  but I’ve never ready to live with it.

I finally got the courage, thanks to Coco, stylist (at Patrick Melville | Pipino) who agreed to take a look at the product and spray on a color or two- just to test it out on me.  Still hesitant to try it at first,  I was now afraid it wouldn’t wash out.. and here’s how it went:

high beams intense temporary color festival hair 2 fashiondailymag

We tried out an area with what looked like the blonde can, which added an almost glittery shine to my hair, but nothing more.   We moved on to the rust-like red, which blended into my hair, with a few pops.  Nice, nothing scary.  Why stop there, we tried the “punky purple” next, which was my favorite.   Enough color that spells “bold”, that actually works with my complexion.  I was starting to warm up to this kind of fun.   So we went for the “headbangin blue”- yet another surprise,  a nice rich tone of cerulean.

high beams temporary hair color brigitte segura FashionDailyMagAfter putting the stripes of color in, I have to admit I felt more than festival ready – like “burning man” desert party ready, but here’s how it looked..   A lot wild!  and the best part?  It all washed out with a shampoo the next day.  My beautiful natural highlights were back – with no blue, red, or purple residue.   Yay to fun times with temporary color ! get FESTIVAL hair with temporary color written by Brigitte Segura.

(pics by Coco | Melville Pipino 212.775.7223 )

cozy sweatshirt courtesy of tumblr.

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