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Georgia is on our mind

Georgia May Jagger is everywhere! Globetrotting isn’t all play, she has been working her tail off – and it seems to have given her some serious staying power. She’s been spotted walking the runways for top designers here and in Europe over the last few months and a whole bunch of other stuff too. As the youngest daughter of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, she certainly has a beautiful edge that comes from within. But that’s not to say the 5’7” cutie has carved out her own path.

Besides being recognized as one of the hottest models on the scenes, she just signed on to rep Roberto Cavalli’s Just Cavalli fragrance, and also has her own jeans line. Intruiged? So are we. To get a little more insight we’ve included an excerpt of the story featured in the April issue of Glamour magazine:

GeorgiaMayJagger talks 2 glamour FashionDailyMag

On raiding her famous parents’ closets…
“I raid my mom’s closet quite a lot. She gave me all her Studio 54 disco outfits, and I used to go in and steal all her lipsticks and nail polishes when I was younger. My favorite pieces now are an amazing pair of sequined hot pants and a blue sequined dress from Fabrice. My mom borrowed a jacket from me recently, which is funny because the tables have been turned. It was a Vivienne Westwood leopard-print jacket, and I actually saw my mom wearing it in the newspaper and said, ‘Hey, that’s mine!’”

Her favorite beauty trick she’s picked up working in the biz…
“Contouring is my favorite tip. They did that a lot in the seventies. I like doing it not just on my cheeks but on my jawline and temples too. Also, I really love matte lipstick, and a makeup artist taught me to put a bit of powder on over my lipstick to tone down all the shine. And Roberto Cavalli says to spray fragrance onto your clothes—that it’s part of the outfit.”georgia may jagger talks glamour FashionDailyMag

And on her awesome gap
“I didn’t always love my smile. When I was in school and everyone was getting braces, I thought maybe I would too, but I just decided to stick with it. I’m really glad now.”

We so look forward to following Georgia May Jagger:  fashionably fun girl on the go as she continues to flourish in all aspects of her career. What can we say,  Georgia is on Our Mind.  Written by Sarah A. Freiseis.

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